Friday, September 25, 2009

A much needed getaway!

Today John and I will be heading up to the mountains of Virginia! It should be a really great time and a much needed one! We have been through so much the last year with all the house things and we are exhausted and are glad to be getting away from everything for the weekend. I made a pan of ziti for tomorrow's lunch, an apple crisp for dessert tonight and potato salad for dinner tonight. The other family we are going with is a guy I work with, his wife and 2 boys. They have to leave Sat. at 2 to go home to a concert but John and I are staying until Sunday. My co-workers birthday is today, hence the apple crisp. His wife is making BBQ, corn on the cob and tomato mozarella salad. That was a request of his. I have pack 3 books, playing cards, games and my ipod. I think that should keep me busy when I'm not outside playing with Teddy and hiking with John. It is forcasted to rain the whole weekend, but that it ok just as long as we are away, together and reading, playing games or watching a movie! I won't be blogging for the next few days. Everyone have a lovely weekend!


Mary said...

Sherri, have a wonderful weekend getaway. You and John sure do deserve it! Nice that you can take the dog along : )

Roses and Lilacs said...

Have a lovely 'get away'. It sounds perfect.

Donna said...

Sherri, have a wonderful weekend! It sounds like fun, and wow, some really good food.

Enjoy your time together.


Kay said...

That all sounds delicious and a lot of fun. Have a terrific time.

Nan said...

Hope you've had a lovely time, Sherri! Of course I want to know what books you brought. :<)

Florence and Mary said...

Have a great time!

Victoria xx

Gingabelle said...

What a great piece of property; just right for a relaxing weekend. Loved the pictures of Teddy!

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