Saturday, November 5, 2016

11.05.16 Saturday Applesauce Day

Well it was round 2 of applesauce at the McDermitt household!  I had bought 1/2 bushel of Ida Red Apples when I was in NJ last week.  Today was the day they became applesauce.  I make unsweentened applesauce.  I leave the skins on when I cook them and they turn out a lovely pinkish color.  Jenny, my daughter has chickens and I know her girls will love the apple cores, skins, etc. that I'm going to take to them tomorrow!

First I cooked the apples until they became soft.

I then proceeded to put the cooked apples in a food mill and presto applesauce!!

2 of the 6 quart jars of applesauce I made today :)!

6 in all today!  I love homemade things and applesauce is one of them!!

Will we have a little of the new applesauce tonight with dinner!  I have a stuffed flank steak in the oven.  Oh the timer just went off-gotta run!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

There is some sadness in my life.

I am sorry to say there is some sadness in my life.  A few weeks ago my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The Drs. should have caught this a long time ago and now I'm afraid it is pretty far advanced. A PET Scan on Monday shows cancer has spread to my Dad's spine.   I had to take an emergency trip up to northwestern NJ two Mondays ago.  I was at work and my Mom called and said my Dad was in the hospital and she didn't know if he would make it.  I rushed home, my husband, John rushed home, I packed our thing (I got home before John) and when he got home we took off.  Yes, we drove the 10.5 hours.  My Mom said she thought it would be better to drive and that Dad would probably be all right until we got there.  We arrived at 10:08 p.m. and much to our surprise my Dad was back home and sleeping in his bed.  He made my Mom promise as soon as we got there, she would bring us up stairs to see him.  He woke up when we went into the room and was greeted by a hug, a weak hug but a hug it was.  Now most of you don't know my Dad, but he is not a hugger or a person who shows affection.  This was totally out of character for him and made me even more anxious.  Then my Mom explained that he was on morphine.  That explained it all!  I am happy to say my Dad is still with us as I compose this post but my Dad is getting weaker and weaker.  He hardly eats or drinks and is now taking morphine and synthetic marijuana.  My poor Mom is tired all the time because she is taking care of everything and she has to wake Dad up at 1:00 a.m. to give him his morphine.  If she doesn't give it to him then, he is in pain later. 

My Dad and I have had a relationship that is up and down.  For a good many years we didn't even speak, but I have forgiven him for some horrible things he said and did.  My Dad is of German and Dutch descent and has a really bad temper, wants things his own way, doesn't believe in progressive into this century but he is still my Dad and I love him.  The last few years have been the best years we have had and now this happens.  Now that I have listed some of Dad's not so pretty traits, here are some of the things that is awesome about him: 

He is an accomplished woodworker.
He has restored many antique tractors and farm implements (this makes him the happiest man on earth).
He loves to read about things that happened years ago and that makes him really happy too.
He was an accomplished residential builder for over 50 years.
While he was building, he never wrote anything down, even when he was framing a house, he just knew the angles to cut and everything worked out wonderfully until he got sick with medicine induced Lupus and was forced to retire.
He always had a roof over our head, clothes on our back and food in our tummys!

What I guess I am saying is whenever my Dad's time on this Earth is over, I will miss him greatly!  Love you Dad!!

Dad and I when I was a baby (1959) with our dog, Lassie.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

It is Labor Day Weekend :)!!  I am so glad it is Friday and I have a 3-day weekend ahead.  I have a few things planned but nothing that is very strenuous for sure-LOL!!  Saturday I'm going to get the attic more organized.  I have some things up there that probably needs to go Goodwill.  Then I am planning on putting up my family photo wall in the hall upstairs.  Probably some reading and knitting (and of course, tea drinking) will happen.  Sunday the grandboys and Jenny are coming for dinner.  So during the day on Sunday there will be knitting and reading happening again!  Monday will also be a chilling out day and I think a visit to Jenny's to help her move the chicken coop.  She wants to move it further away from her house and up by her greenhouse.  So overall it will be a great weekend!

I mentioned knitting.  I finished the gauntlets I was working on and if I say so myself they turned out really nice! She really loved them!!

I have also been knitting a Cascade Topper 2 for myself.  This is the photo of the Topper from Ravelry:

Photo Courtesy of Ravelry
I am knitting my Topper in 3 colors different from the Ravelry one.  I am knitting with cream, a rich purple and a tweedy green.  I am working on the first oblong.  In the picture it is white, but that is where I am using the cream yarn.  See below:

I really love this yarn!  It is so soft.  I hope the topper comes out just the way I have planned in my mind!

The book I'm reading is Devonshire Scream by Laura Childs.  I love these tea cozy mysteries!  I have read all of Laura Childs Tea Mystery Books, this is the latest one.  I am also listening the America's First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie.  This is a very interesting book.  

I hope everyone has a really enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!  Remember:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

08/20/16 New Projects, Walk around the Yard and Dinner on the Patio!

Today was a really good day!  Slept in a little.  During the week I get up at 5:30 but today is Saturday so I slept in until 9:00!  It felt so good to sleep late.  After breakfast and watching DIY and HGTV with John he went out to mow the front lawn and I decided to go throw my jewelry and get rid of a few things.  I then went downstairs and started a new knitting project.  Jenny wanted me to knit her a pair of fingerless gloves (called gauntlets) from the Highland Knits book.  These are knitting projects influenced by the TV series Outlander.  She chose a Malabrigio yarn and I love the colors!  See below:

Here is the beginning of the gloves.  I've never made cabled fingerless gloves.  It is pretty easy though :)!

I then decided to take a walk around the yard.  It has been so very dry here so there isn't really many flowers blooming right now.  My swallowtail butterfly was still flitting around the butterfly bush in the backyard.  The butterfly bush has grown to over 6' now!!

My roses are starting to bloom again.  I absolutely love these roses.  Their fragrance is intoxicating!!

My rose of sharon bush that I brough from NJ when we moved to the Charlotte area 13 years ago grew from a little skinny stick to a bush now over 5' tall!!  The flowers and buds are just gorgeous!!

After being inside for most of the day, we decided we would have dinner out of the patio.  It is still hot out but it did feel really good sitting outside.

I love caprese sald with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!

Last but not least, when we were eating on the patio, I noticed one of my containers on the patio which I planted Coleus and Dusty Miller.  I love the many colors and the contrast between the coleus and the dusty miller.  I will be planting more of this combo next year! I also had dried some blue hydrangeas this year.  I put them in the entryway of our house.  I put them in a French Flower Holder in a wrought iron stand.  They brighten up the hallway!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful, enjoyable weekend!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Yesterday was full of JOY!!!

Yesterday I only worked until 11:30.  I took half of a PTO day.  Jenny and the grandboys came over for lunch.  They are so funny!!  I was having a little anxiety because at 3:30 I had my oncology appoint and I was so afraid the Dr. would tell me my Lymphoma was worse or came out of dormancy.  Those boys made me laugh and almost forget that I had my appointment later that day.  Owen and Jack are opposites.  Owen is quiet and loves to build things.  Jack is chatty and loves to destroy things!  Here is Owen building his domino buildings. 

Owen was explaining to me what he was building in detail!

Jack and Owen are very different in their eating habits too!  Owen doesn't really like to eat too much.  He only likes certain things.  Jack starts eating the minute he comes through the door until he gets ready to leave!  They both are so funny about their food. 

Jack saw I had coffee cake on the counter.  He had two pieces while he was here, plus some bacon, chips, tomatoes, Oreos and some tomato.  He does love his food!!

So after the boys left to go home and take a nap, I had to leave and go to my Oncologist appt.  I had blood drawn, answered what seemed like 35 questions and then the Dr. came in.  He asked me some more questions and then told me they still don't have a cure for lymphoma I seem to be doing really well!  My lymph nodes were slightly smaller and my blood work was perfect!  He was very pleased.  So I will go back in 3 months for more blood work and lymph node checks.  I am truly blessed for sure!!  Hopefully some day sooner than later they will find a cure for lymphoma but I'm happy with the way things are now!  When I came out of the Dr.'s office this is what I saw when I looked up to the sky to thank God for a great visit!!

I just feel like the dark clouds was all the anxiety and fear I had and then the opening in the clouds with a silvery almost electric looking border around the opening was me coming through my fear and anxiety!!  Just a moving photo for me!!

I am truly blessed!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Drinks and Dinner After Work with Some Co-Workers

TGIF is an understatement!  We were all feeling worn out from work this week, so we decided to go to Workman's Friend.  Workman's Friend is an Irish Pub in Charlotte.  This Pub hasn't been opened too long and it was so good!  One of our co-workers, Carl had a birthday on Wednesday, so we also thought we should celebrate!  I had a drink called Honey Badger.  It was so good!!  It was made out of the following:  brown sugar pear preserves, fresh lemon, Cathead honeysuckle vodka.  What a drink!!  I had the Pub Salad for dinner, which was leafy greens, cucumber, pickled beets, tomato, roasted shallot vinegarette and feta cheese.   It was awesome!  It was good to get out and relax and not have to think about our jobs, just enjoy each other!

As you can see it was a bit dark in there but it was decorated wonderfully!!  Just reminded me of an Irish Pub in Ireland!  I definitely will be going back there again for sure!!

My co-workers and I decided we are going to try to go out about once a month.  I really think this is a great idea!!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Moon Vines

I have been enjoying my moon vine so much this summer!  It is blooming so much!!  My Nana used to have a moon vine plant every summer.  She would call me to come down and see it open.  Yes, you can actually watch the plant wiggle and start to spiral open!!  I told my 2 grandsons, Owen and Jack about this and they missed the first few that opened but one night they were here when the whole plant started to shake because there were 3 opening at the same time.  They were fascinated by this!  Here are some photos of the plant opening its beautiful white flowers. 

This is how the bud starts to open.
Here are 2 almost opened all the way.

This day 5 were opening and these were 3 of them.

This blossom is open all the way.  I love the greenish white star in the center!!

This moon vine is fully opened!  Just gorgeous.  It starts to open as it starts to get dark.

This is my grandson, Jack watching the moon vine blossom open.  He was so interested in in this whole process!!  I love his wellies!! 

I will be planting a moon vine plant again next year.  It has been a blast from my past because my Nana would grow these every year.  It also has been wonderful sharing this experience with my grandsons.  Hopefully they will remember this experience with their Nana!!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!