Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Change Is In the Air!

(Photo via pinterest.com)

Today while I was driving home from my acupunture appointment I could see true signs that Autumn isn't too far away.  I actually really love the Autumn.  I love the crisp air, the smell of wood smoke in the air, apple crisp, pumpkins, knitting, etc.  I love to bake during the time of year.  Hopefully the leaves will be beautiful this year.  We have had so much rain, so the leaves should be more colors than yellow.  This time of year I love to drink hot tea after dinner.  That reminds me, this weekend I will have to have John bring out the firepit so we can have some nice toasty fires in the backyard.


Anonymous said...

Oh the signs are showing here already. I have a maple tree in my yard and it is starting to shed some yellow leaves. I cannot wait for Fall here in Kansas. I was here a few years ago during the season and it was spectacular! Miss you, girlie!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh Sherri! I love autumn too! There's not one sign of it here but I love hearing that it's happening elsewhere.;) Gives me hope that the leaves will change here soon. We're working on our backyard right now and considering having an outdoor fireplace created with a sitting area. Doesn't that sound dreamy?? So excited! Lori

Kay said...

Funny... even here in Hawaii my husband was commenting that the sun was coming up later and later.

Penny@The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table said...

I love the fall too. We had such a wet summer, and now the sun has been shining all week, I want to hold on to summer a little bit longer.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Ooooo! I want to come and drink tea around the fire pit with you! The western part of the state is so pretty. We don't get any leaf color here. Too many pine trees. Poo. :(

Victoria Eales said...

Oh I can't wait for Autumn, it's my favourite season.


Sherri said...

Angie-Miss you too! I need to email you or call you soon!

Lori-how exciting an outdoor fireplace and sitting area. We had that in our first house here in NC and I really, really miss that! Send me photos when it is all done-I'd love to see everything you've done! HUGS!!

Michelle-come anytime you want! I love drinking tea around the firepit with friends!

Sherri said...
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