Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday around the House

I decided to take some photos around the house today.  I planted some pansies and yellow mums last weekend and I finally just had a chance to take some photos of them.  I also took some photos of Teddy tonight in the candlelight on the front porch.   The photos are a little blurred but I still think he looks handsome!  Here are the photos:

One of my neighors "Booed" us.  This is the felt skull you put on your door so everyone knows you have been "booed".  We "booed" another neighbor.  Hope they liked all the goodies we put in the bag!
My garden fairy and bunny are watching over these cute little pansies.  

 My Mom gave me this lovely wire basket.  She bought it in Texas.  I thought it needed these little pansies.  I think it looks perfect!!

Pretty yellow mums in the black urns out front.
 This is the tussah silk yarn I am knitting a mystery knit along shawl.  Debbie Davis, the shop owner at the shop where I go dyed this.  I think it came out beautiful!
 My little angel on the front porch watches over us.  I love lighting the candles in the lanterns on our porch. 
Teddy joined John and I on the porch tonight.  

My little angel and bunny watching over my garden fairy.  I think they are helping her make my little flowers grow!

It was a gorgeous day here in Mint Hill.  I hope everyone had a great day!


Kay said...

I've never heard of Booing anyone, but what a great idea. Teddy must be waiting for Halloween.

Sherri said...

Kay we never heard of it until we moved here either. You receive a bag with a few goodies in it and then you hang the boo item on the door, make a new boo sign and but goodies in a bag and deliver to another neighbor. This is all done secretly. You leave it on their porch and they don't know who booed you.

jenclair said...

Love the door and that delicious yarn!

Tricia said...

Teddy is so cute! I love animals. Good thing you got to the goody bag your neighbors left for you before he did :)

Vicki Boster said...

Sherri- your home is beautiful- love the fall wreath. Pansies are always so pretty:)
That yarn is gorgeous- what a lovely shade of pink!!
Your beautiful ( and SO soft) scarf has arrived. Thank you so much my friend for taking the time to create such a lovely gift. It will be treasured.

I hope to have the photos on my blog in a few weeks--


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