Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer is flying by!

Summer is flying by and I've taken a few moments to think about some of the summer things I love. Here are a few of them:

Blue and White decorating

Sitting on the porch.

Going to the Beach!

Wearing shell jewelry.

Wearing flip flops.

Eating watermelon.

Making Sandcastles at the beach! Isn't this a beauty!

Having a picnic at the beach!

Eating yummy crab.

Or some corn on the cob.

Collecting shells to take home so you can remember your trip to the beach.

There are so many wonderful things you can do during the summer. Summer might be flying by but atleast we have a few months left of it! Enjoy it while you can!


Anonymous said...

Lovely images, Sherri. I especially like the porch and beach photos.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great pictures of wonderful summer things! I love every one of them

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your pictures!! I too, love the summer and everything that goes with it. Hope you had a great time at Del Frisco's. We loved it when we went in May. Love & blessings from NC!

Kay said...

Yes, yes, yes! Love them all, too. Art's favorite fruit is watermelon, but they're so expensive here.

Florence and Mary said...

I do love wearing my flip flops in the summer!

Victoria xx

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Love those photos of summer Sherri.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I was just thinking how fast the summer is passing.

Love that first photo. Those blue chairs really set off the white room.

Karen said...

I love this post! Great pictures and for a moment I felt like I was really at the beach. I like blue and white, too:)

Donna said...

Beautiful photos of summer, Sherri! Makes me enjoy it all the more!


Darlene said...

Where do you find all these great photos? Gosh I love quite a few of those things too especially my watermelon and flip flops in the summer. lol.

Sherri said...

Darlene-I just go to goggle and google a topic and put picture after it and then all these picture selections come up.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!