Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Weekend!

I had a great weekend! Saturday was spent with Owen and Jenny! That is always a fun time. Sunday morning I made a nice breakfast for John and I. In the afternoon I met up with my knitting girls at Dillworth Coffee in Mint Hill. We spent the afternoon gabbing and knitting (and drinking coffee or chai tea). We talked about our kids, our jobs, new patterns and yarns. We had a really great time!! I came home and made a nice meatloaf dinner for John and I. After dinner I made 2 bird nest necklaces that were ordered by one of my knitting friends. I love creating those nests!! My friend wanted one with 3 cream pearl "eggs" and the second one had 2 blue pearl "eggs" with a clear aurora borealis round crystal in it! I have 2 more to make tonight. The one has 3 white pearl "eggs" in it and the other one has 2 blue pearl "eggs" in it. They never come out the same, which I love! I'm working with a new wire now that is non-tarnishing from Germany. It is really easy to bend and shape and makes the greatest curliques-just like a real nest!!

I'm at work now and I have tons to do, guess I better get to it!! Everyone have a lovely day!!!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Those necklaces sound so us thinking of a sort of mother's/grandmother's necklace ~ one egg for every child/ egg for the boys??? Just throwing ideas out ~ do show us when you are done with the ones you are working on Sherri ~ oh so fun to see your projects!

Sherri said...

Girls, I certainly will take photos. I always forget, but I'll make sure I take them this time. I think I'm going to make a few for my etsy site! I am working on some really small ones for earrings too!

NanaDiana said...

Sherri- Your necklaces sound beautiful. I hope you will take some pictures and share your creations here so we can see them. Happy week- xo Diana

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