Sunday, April 15, 2012

We are almost all moved!

Well we woke up this a.m. in the apartment and other than alot of aches and pains we are mostly moved here!! The weather couldn't have been better-no rain, sun and not too hot temps. We have to go back to the house today to get a few more things and then during the week we will bring over the odds and ends but for the most part the majority of it is here at the apartment. We met one neighbor already. His name is Chris and he seems to be about 17 or 18 years old. He lives with his parents. He was watering a beautiful urn of pansies out their door. Really, really nice and courtesy-I like that! Teddy was at first having a huge adjustment to everything. He even had an accident in the kitchen after he was here for about an hour. That is understandable. John is walking him around the complex right now and they are going to check out the dog park that is here on the grounds. We are storing alot of boxes in the detached garage that is here on the grounds and that is working out great! The extra furniture that we are not using is going in the second bedroom and that is working out great too! Our mattress and box spring is still on the floor because John couldn't find the nuts, bolts and screws for the bed! I remembered that i stuck them in my cosmetic bag because I thought he would lose them. So putting our bed together is on the agenda for today. The only adjustment I am having to make and it is no big deal is the kitchen. We have always had a really large kitchen with plenty of cabinets. I'm having to use the second bedrooms walk-in closet for my pantry because the actual pantry in the kitchen is very small. No big deal though for me-atleast we have the second bedroom closet! The laundry room here is huge, plenty of room there. We put Teddy's dishes in there and he likes that. I think he thinks this is just his room! Well I better get a move on and make breakfast for John and I for when he and Teddy come back from their jaunt! Everyone have an awesome day!!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

So glad everything is going well so far with the move....we are getting excited for your new house to begin Sherri ~ bet you can't's getting closer!!!

jenclair said...

Hope you enjoy your temporary home when you get your bed together! You, and John and Teddy will all have some adjustments to make, but I'm sure you will settle in soon!

Florence and Mary said...

Glad to hear the move went well and everything has been on your side.

Victoria xx

Karena said...

Sherri I cannot wait to see more, and I know you will make your new space into a beautiful temp home!

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