Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Farmer's Market, Matthews, NC

This morning John and I woke up at our regular during the week time 5:45!!!  We were at the Farmer's Market in Matthews, NC by 7:05 a.m.  They ring a bell at 7:15 and then all the people are off to purchase all there wonderful home grown, homemade items.  There are veggies, flowers, herbs, eggs, meat, cheeses, honey, pottery, soap and breads to buy.

John and I purchased honey, brown eggs, yellow squash, cukes, potatoes, cinnamon rolls and flowers.  John has already eaten his organic cinnamon roll and he said he was soooooo good!  I put the flowers I bought in my crystal vase and that makes me smile!  We will have the brown eggs for breakfast tomorrow and put some of the local honey in our tea in the morning.  

Here are some photos I took when we got home from the Market:

 Lisianthus Bouquet from the Farmer's Market
 Closeups of the Lisianthus blossoms

 Organic Cinnamon Rolls from the Farmer's Market
 Pink Lady (Heirloom Tomato) and Beefsteak Tomatoe
 Yellow Squash and Cuke
Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes

I forgot to show everyone the beautiful yellow begonia John bought me for my birthday.  I've put it on our kitchen table.  Every morning I look at them and they just make me smile-such a lovely yellow! 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!  I will be watching the Olympics, reading my new book, Gone Girl and knitting.  Enjoy!!!


NanaDiana said...

What bounty you found at the farmer's market! I love that yellow begonia. I had one on my porch last year and looked all over and couldn't find one this year. I never used to be crazy for yellow flowers but I have discovered I really love the pop of sunshine they provide- xo Diana

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Delicious and Beautiful Post Sherri!! Enjoy all the bounty you brought home :)

Florence and Mary said...

Nothing better than fresh food and flowers!

Victoria xx

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