Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I'm working on.

I have been knitting a Silk Moon Crescent Shawl for a little while now.

I'm making mine in a cotton/silk blend.  The colors are all pastel (pink, blues, greens, white).  I really love knitting it-the yarn is so soft.  I was however, getting a little bored with this shawl.  I decided to knit 2 project at one time.  So I started knitting the Angel Wingspan Shawl.  This really is more like a scarf but I love it!!  Here is a picture of the Wingspan Shawl, but I'm doing the Angel Wingspan Shawl that has larger holes between each triangular section.  When I get a day that is good for photographs, I will take some pictures of what I'm working on.
My Angel Wingspan Shawl is in royal blue, turquoise, lime green.  It is really pretty!  I love learning new things.

Tonight my knitting group meets and I wonder what new patterns are out there and what wonderful new yarns Sara has at her shop!  It is all so very tempting!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Mary said...

These are so beautiful Sherri, look forward to seeing your finished piece. Wonder what gorgeous item you'll find next - I'm such a plain knitter and have never learned to do anything fancy such as this! I need classes too.

Happy week - Mary X

Sherri said...

Both projects are really easy Mary-you could knit either one! I love knitting!

Vicky said...

I discovered your blog and your etsy shop and I love you precious projects! Regards, Vicky

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I love the royal blue, turquoise, lime green combination, Sherri. I hope you'll post a pic when you finish!

tinajo said...

That is gorgeous - maybe I´ll get going with my chrochet again this fall... Haven´t felt for it during the summer by some reason.

Kay said...

I'm always so amazed by your creations, Sherri.

vicki said...

Wow Sherri- both patterns are so unique and different-- I can't wait to see these patterns in the yarns you've chosen--- you are so adventurous!!

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