Thursday, March 19, 2009

There are so many flowering cherry trees here in Charlotte!

There are so many beautiful flowering cherry trees here in Charlotte! They all look so wonderful. My drive to work takes me along some older streets in Charlotte and everyone is lined with these beautiful trees. There are other trees blooming too but the cherry trees are my favorite! They just make you smile, just like all the daffodils that are blooming now. Everyone have a great day!


Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh how pretty! I don't think there's anything more beautiful than when a fruit tree is in bloom. And the cherry tree has to be the queen of them all.


Joyce said...

When I lived in NJ, I loved the crocuses peeping through the snow, the daffodils, the hyacinths, the forsythia's, the lilacs, but most of all the cherry blossom trees. You brought me back to some wonderful memories of days gone by. Thanks!!

I'm glad you are enjoying their beauty.

Catherine Holman said...

I was out east once while teaching seminar in the spring and was amazed at the flowers and flowering trees!

Kay said...

I love LOVE cherry trees, Sherri! Please do post more photos of the flowering cherries that you see. It's so beautiful!

Sherri said...

Kay, I'll try and get some more photos. It is raining here right now, which was unexpected so I hope all the blossoms don't fall off!

I guess it is unanimous that everyone loves cherry trees blossoming :)!

Roses and Lilacs said...

From my visits to Charlotte I don't remember the cherry trees but I was awed by the dogwoods.

Nan said...

I just can't believe it! Thank you for the beautiful glimpse of spring on the first day!

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