Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a glorious day!!

We had brunch with our friends from our neighborhood today. We went to Boneheads and the food was so good! I had grilled shrimp and a salad and John had grilled Tilapia and he managed to snatch some shrimp off my plate too! We have been on the screened porch ever since. John is napping in his porch chair right now! He has to work at Best Buy tonight for inventory, which runs from 5 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.!! I think he'll be sleeping in a little tomorrow morning! The birds are out in force in our yard and woods today! They are singing their hearts out-it is wonderful like natures symphony!! We have residents now in our chickadee birdhouse! It is the first time in 3 years they have decided to take up residence and I'm really happy! I love those little birds.

This is my lovely palm tree out on the porch sunning itself!! It has 3 new fronds that opened and it loves the sun. If it gets chilly again, I can just bring it back in to the sunroom. It looks so nice on the porch.

This is a shot of my magnolia tree in the backyard. Look at that blue sky! We planted this tree 2 yrs. ago and it has grown twice it's size in that time!

My little Stella d'oro daylily is perking back up and turning nice in green in the front garden! I love these little daylilies they are so sunny yellow.

I had to post this on here. Last night Teddy was sleeping on the ottoman and I guess he got overly comfortable because he was half falling off the ottoman and he woke himself up!! I was glad I had the camera on the coffee table. He stayed like that for about 15 minutes and then came over by me-he's silly!


Brenda Leyland said...

Nice pictures Sherri -- I must tell you my pictures would show a whiteout of wintry blustery snow today. I'm glad to hear that spring's happening somewhere out there!

And your 'silly' puppy. Aren't they a joy! What a cute photo.

Bella Foxx said...

We have black capped chickadees here. They are such cute little birds!

Kay said...

Aaaah... gorgeous, Sherri! What a lovely spring day! You live in such a wonderful place. It must be so much fun to see the little chickadees.

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