Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This weather is strange!

The weather this weekend in Charlotte and all of NC was beautiful. It was in the low 80's in Charlotte, which was wonderful after all the days and days of rain! Then yesterday it was in the 60's and started to rain and as the day progressed it dropped in the high 40's! Last night and today poor Boone, NC (which is located in the mountains) had They actually got from 4"-6"!

Today Charlotte's weather was extremely windy and very chilly! The Hi today was suppose to be 54 (never made it that far) and the Lo is suppose to be 34 degrees! Tomorrow a.m. it is suppose to be 29 degrees!! Hello Mother Nature it is 4/7/09!!

By Thursday it is suppose to be in the 70's again and very sunny! Can't wait for that! I'm used to weird Springs when I lived in the north but I haven't experienced this kind of weather since I moved to NC 5 years ago. I hope Spring/Summer comes soon. This cold weather isn't my idea of Spring in the South!! Everyone have a great day!


Kay said...

Ahhhh... spring weather! Sounds almost like Chicago. I think they got snow yesterday. It's April for goodness sake. Somebody has got to remind Mother Nature.

Joyce said...

It's supposed to go down to the 40's tonight here in south Florida - go figure!! It was 93 yesterday. Very strange, but we are enjoying this last burst of cool weather. The weekend is expected to be in the 80's again. I just go with the flow.

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

It was mid 70's here for the last couple days. As of tomorrow the pretty spring weather leaves us.

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