Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walk around the garden and a glimpse of my little green friend!

Yesteday after breakfast with our friends, John and I spent the entire rest of the day in our gardens. We planted, weeded, ripped out, divided, moved plants, watered, fertilized and just plain cleaned up the remaining things in our garden and made it beautiful once again! The pictures below are the end results and we are pretty pleased with ourselves (not to mention sore!). I hope you enjoy the stroll through our gardens and the visit from our litle green friend (you will see him at the very end of the post)!

Our front entryway is finally looking great! I planted the urns a few weeks ago, yesterday we added the purple Wave petunias in the wrought iron hanger and some other containers.

These are the purple Wave petunias in the wrought iron hanger. They look like velvet and I like the purple color against the brick on the house.

I weeded and then planted alot of plants in this garden in the back of the house yesterday. The plants look small now, but when they start growing they fill in almost all the bare areas. I'll be taking pics along the way!

I was sitting in the hammock taking a water break and I looked over at the azaelas blooming along the screened porch when I thought what a great picture with the sun shining on them in certain areas. I don't get too many opportunities to take pictures like this and I'm glad it came out!

This is my hosta garden. It sits under a sugar maple tree we have in part of the garden off the patio. They are doing really well this year, I guess all the rain helped.

I love Heliotrope and when we went to Garden Gate in Indian Trail, NC I feel in love with this little container. I immediately snatched it up and put it in my little wagon. The smell is intoxicating!

I also picked up this double pink petunia container for on the brick wall on the patio. There are alot of other flowers in here but the pink petunia and the little white flower really caught my eye.

This verbena container is on the other side of the fireplace on the brick wall. I love this color!

I have to look up the tag for this new little plant I put in the backyard garden this year. It is striking!

The name of this Hosta escapes me right now, but it is gorgeous this year. I did fertilize with fish emulsion in the Fall and all the spring rain I guess was a winning combo.

I went to Lowe's with John to get some mulch and we always have to look at the flowers (well I do, hubby just goes along with me!). This beautiful delphinium was staring at me, pleading with me to take her home, so I did!! What a beautiful addition to my perennials this year.

The same thing with this little double petal pink columbine! They just jump in the cart I swear!

I always pick up a flat of coleus from the lady at Garden Gate. It just looks like a jewel box to me!

This antique rosebud is on my huge rosebush out front between the 2 garage windows. It is such a deep red with almost black touches on the ends. When it opens though it is a rich red, it looks like velvet. When the bush is in full bloom, I'll post some more pics.


Fernando, my little tree frog has decided to take up residence at our house again.. Friday night I was letting Teddy out after dark and I happened to see him sitting up on the drain pipe on the patio near the spot light! I had posted Fernando last year and had talked about writing a book about him. I'm sorry to say I haven't written the book yet, but I have some ideas down on paper-that's a start!

A little information on Fernando. His latin name is Hyla cinerea. He is lime green with a pale white belly. He has irridesent gold (yes real gold color) lining his mouth, eyes, hips and legs. His has little suction cup feet and hangs on to windows at night, which looks really strange. He is usually 1.25 to 2.5 inches (we have had some baby ones and they are really tiny!). His habits are: He is nocturnal and prefers to climb, rather than jump. He feeds on various insects and spends the day flattened against leaves or green stemmed vegetation.


Lynne said...

Your flowers look so pretty. I really need to get some planted here.

I had to scroll down very slowly to see you little green friend. I was SO afraid it would be a picture of one of those "s" things that slither. Glad to see it was a little froggie!

Sherri said...

Lynne-after I posted I thought everyone would thing Fernando was a snake. Glad I didn't see any of those yesterday!

Mary said...

Everything looks so beautiful. Love the container on the brick wall. It tickled me to see the pic of Fernando!

Your new background looks so "gardeny" - perfect!

Donna said...

I love those little frogs....Fernando is so cute! Your garden is beautiful and all the flowers look so pretty. I especially love the hanging basket with the petunias.


Rosehaven Cottage said...

All your hard work sure paid off. It all looks gorgeous!!!!! Your azaleas look heavenly and so does the heliotrope. By the way, I do the same thing to Hubby when we go to Lowe's or Home Depot... make him take a detour through the garden center even if it's just to look.


P.S. Fernando is a real cutie! We have his cousins the Pacific Tree Frog living in our gardens.

Catherine Holman said...

Your garden is beautiful! Fernando is pretty spiffy too!

Joyce said...

Your garden is gorgeous. I could sit out there and while away the hours quite easily. You captured some very pretty shots, even the critter at the end!!

Happy @ Home said...

I can tell you've been working hard and everything looks so pretty (even your little green friend). I believe your new plant is a penta. I plant them every year and they do really well.

Brenda Leyland said...

I notice you love heliotrope! Me TOO!! Isn't that the most wonderful fragrance!

Enjoyed catching glimpses of your garden coming into bloom! So far, we've got crocuses, although they were covered in another quick 'tempest in a teapot' snowstorm this afternoon.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Stunning pictures! Fernando looks right at home :)

Kay said...

You have got the prettiest flowers in your garden, Sherri. Wow! I am so impressed. Even your frog is pretty.

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