Sunday, June 28, 2009

My family is on their way home and I am trying to get back to normal!

I love my family but sometimes a visit is just too long. My Mom was wonderful but my sister was such a complainer, demanding, self centered and just not a very nice person to be around. My nephew had a great time with Teddy and enjoyed all the places we went to. I am ready to get back on my schedule now and I'm even ready to go back to work! Yes back to work! I did have 2 phone calls from work on Wednesday-it is nice to be missed! On Wednesday we went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and it was just gorgeous. Here are some pics from that visit.

This was the outside of the pergola as you began the self-guided tour through the botanical garden.

The walk through the Pergola in the beginning of the self guided tour was so beautiful. It was also nice and cool under there.

This was a bronze statue and a small fountain on the way to the White Garden.

These cone flowers were just beautiful waving in the slight breeze along the path.

This is my sister, Sue and my nephew, Troy. They aren't used to the heat down here so they stopped along the way to catch the mist coming off one of the fountains.

This was an odd plant growing there. I still don't know what it is. The botanical sign was missing. I thought it was kind of neat!

There were many varieties of hibiscus, but I loved this white one the best.

There was a lot of Rudebeckia growing. I think these are absolutely beautiful!

Here are some fountains at the gardens. There are a total of 13.

This was a bird aviary right before the topiary gardens. There were 2 pairs of parrots in there. My nephew tried to make them talk but they were silent that day.

These topiaries were at the end of the garden tour and my nephew was fascinated by them.

I will have more pictures for you another day!


Florence and Mary said...

It's nice to have your home back to yourself isn't it!

Victoria xxx

Mary said...

Gorgeous photos, Sherri.

Glad you had a nice visit and even happier you can get back to your schedule. I know how good that feels! Have a nice evening.

Joyce said...

It is hard to have company. Yes, it's fun, but like they say, it's nice when they come and it's nice when they go. I'm glad you had a good time. Routines are good for everyone.

Kay said...

What an amazing garden! Thank you for sharing it with us. We're due for a full house this coming month. Hmmm.... we'll see how that will be.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful photos, those gardens are beautiful. Sounds like you had your fill of visiting;) Nice to get back into the routine that feels comfortable.

Sherri said...

Thanks everyone for understanding and not thinking I'm a horrible person for being thankful my company is gone. I like the visits but this one was long!

mysteryhistorymom said...

My sister is very similar. I love her- for about 2 days- and then things get sticky...

You won my posie giveaway, Sweetie! Please e-mail me and let me know if you would like a 4th of July posie or one made in your favorite colors!:) Lori

Catherine Holman said...

What a beautiful garden! You must really love your job!

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