Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our poor cars!

This isn't my car, but the dented bumper looks the same as mine. Yesterday morning wasn't a good morning for me! John had used my car and he pulled it into the garage so close to the left hand side. I was pulling out to go to work and I was being so careful because I didn't want to take the sideview mirror off that guess what I forgot his car was parked out in the driveway! Yes, I hit it with my car. I quickly jumped out of my car to see how much damage I did. Well I couldn't believe it!! My bumper on the driver's side was completely dented in and starting to pull away from the car. John's little Scion TC had a big dent in it right in front of the back driver's side tire. He called the insurance agent and they are treating it like 2 separate crashes. They are charging us $500.00 deductible per vehicle. I know it was my fault but do insurance companies ever pay anything for accidents-really! John took my car this morning to get an estimate and it will cost $700.00 to get it fixed. So we will be paying the $500.00 ded and the ins. company will be paying $200.00. Does that seem fair to you after all we pay in car ins.! He was taking his car this afternoon. I don't even want to know what the cost of the repair will be on that one. We looked and because he has a 2-door car the panel I dented goes from the front of the car to the back tail light. One of the guys at work said we should just stay in our house and lock the door for a few days with all the bad luck we have been having! I told him the house would probably fall down around us! Atleast no one got hurt and the cars are repairable. I have never had an accident or any fender benders either, John is usually the one that has bad luck with cars. I guess in a matter of speaking he still does!


Lynne said...

I feel for you!

The last time we had to deal with car insurance was when Shelby's front door was hit in a parking lot. Her door was open and a woman pulled into the space next to her without seeing Shelby's door and pushed the door forward so far that it wouldn't close. Yet that woman's insurance company denied responsibility - they said that Shelby opened her door into the woman's car even though the woman herself admitted it was her fault - and we had to go through our company (and pay the $500 deductible) to get it fixed.

So you pay for insurance, then have to pay the deductibles, and then they raise your rates! What a deal!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The words insurance and fair don't belong in the same sentence;) They aren't in business to pay out claims. Unfortunately there is no alternative?

Sherri said...

Lynne and Marnie-I agree on the ins. companies being ripoffs. But as you said Marnie, there is no alternatives unless you are ultra-rich and you can self insure! I certainly don't fit into that category.

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened. It reminds me of a commercial on tv I saw once. You would think with all the money we spend on insurance that they could do more. How awful. I hope things start looking up!


Rue said...

Oh Sherri! I'm so sorry about your cars!! Insurance companies are awful, aren't they?!


Kay said...

I'm so sorry Sherri. It's really aggravating. It's the same thing with dental insurance. Must be insurance in general.

It's true about the auto insurance though. You've got those deductibles and then they do raise your rates for a while. Sigh....

However, nobody was hurt so that's good.

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