Saturday, December 12, 2009

Evergreens in Snow

Whether you live in the North, South, East or West seeing evergreen trees with snow is just beautiful! That is about one of the only things I can say I truly miss about living in the South. Oh we do have the occasional dusting of snow or a few hours of ice, but up North you have the whole winter to look at these majestic trees. I know some of you are thinking, "oh yeah she doesn't have to deal with the snow, sleet, extreme cold, gray,dirty snow, etc., etc". Well for someone who lived in northwestern NJ for 35 yrs. and saw these beautiful snow-laden trees I really do miss them! I went on line and found a few pictures which I'm going to share with you. I have made one of them my desktop background just so I can have my own little window looking at these beautiful trees. So take a few moments when you see one of these trees dusted with snow to enjoy the beauty and don't take it for granted! Enjoy your day everyone!


Anonymous said...

They do look lovely! Although I lived in New York City for 5-1/2 years, I can't say I miss snow. Sorry, I don't feel nostalgic. But, again, those pics are very nice.

Mary said...

Sherri, that's what my neighborhood looks like right now!!

Donna said...

Beautiful tree photos. I like to see the snow too, but not be out in it (even though I grew up in PA). I like the Carolina snow where it comes one day and is gone the next!


Brenda Leyland said...


Kay said...

I love these snowy everygreen photos!

Storybook Woods said...

Stunning photos Sherri. Clarice

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