Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mother Natures Wonders

Today I was walking around the yard and I happened upon some truly amazing wonders from Mother Nature!

First I found 3 mushroom formations which were truly works of art. Here they are:

Then to the other end of the spectrum of Mother Nature I noticed my Rose of Sharon, which I brought with me from NJ when we moved here in 2004 was blooming so beautifully. Here are 2 pictures of them:

There is a story behind this Rose of Sharon tree. John and I had bought a victorian house in Branchville, NJ in 1986. We were the 3rd owner of this 75 yr. old home. There was a beautiful Rose of Sharon tree next to our window in the Dining Room. Every year little trees would come up and one year I gave my Dad one of the little trees for his house. About 4 yrs. later the Rose of Sharon tree at our house became diseased and died. My Dad's Rose of Sharon continued to thrive and grow into a huge tree. When we were leaving to move to NC in 2004 my Dad gave me a little Rose of Sharon tree from his tree. We planted it our first house here. When we moved to the townhouse it was doing very well, so I dug it up and put it in a nice larger planter. When we moved here I planted in the ground next to the fence in the backyard. The tree is thriving and reminds me a little of our first victorian and all the happy ties there! That tree has really made the rounds hasn't it!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Happy Fall Y'all!!


Donnie said...

Your mushrooms are certainly different. I loved the story of your Rose of Sharon.

Debbie said...

Wow, Sherri! your pictures are awesome!!
Love the Rose of Sharon story.
Enjoy your day.

Mary said...

The Rose of Sharon is gorgeous, Sherri!

Darlene said...

That tree sure has made it rounds! The flowers on it are so pretty. Those mushrooms did make some interesting formations. Ours didn't. They just grew all over this year. I haven't seen that many in a while. Hope you have a great week Sherri!

jenclair said...

The mushrooms are intriguing. Mushrooms are always mysterious, aren't they?

Love the Rose of Sharon--always reminds me of my father. Interesting to see the history of yours!

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