Thursday, February 16, 2012


(Blushing Bride Pearl Earrings on my etsy site)

I received so many lovely e-mails from people asking me not to close my Etsy shop that I have decided to keep it open after all! I really thank all those people who reached out and asked me to reconsider. I have decided to keep it a little more simpler and not take on any custom orders. I love to create jewelry and other items and the custom orders really take alot of time and have time constraints. In the next few days and weeks I will be making some more sparklies for my shop! I might also be adding some more knitted items, such as dishcloths made from cotton and some scarves, handbags and other small knitted items.

Again I want to thank all my past customers for all their support and future customers! Without all of you I wouldn't have a shop on etsy.

**I will still ship shop items to people in other countries, they just need to e-mail me asking me to do so. I just don't want to leave that open all the time. There would be a small shipping adjustment too, but it can be done. Thanks!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Good idea...these earrings are so pretty. LOVE your header:)


Florence and Mary said...

How heart warming to know that you have so many loyal customers,

Victoria xx

Sherri said...

Victoria, it was overwhelming for me to read some of the e-mails. They were so nice!!

I will still send jewelry to people in other countries if they email me and let me know they would like something in my shop. I will have to make a shipping amount adjustment but then I put it under a special order for that specific person. I just don't publicize the fact I send to other countries.

Deserae said...

Beautiful earrings! Glad to hear you are going to continue to sell on Etsy :o) Have a great weekend!

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