Friday, February 24, 2012

The Weekend will be a busy one!!

Today I am working until 3:30. Jenny is dropping Owen off and after visiting with some people in the office we will head on home. John and I will have our Owen time and watch a little TV after he goes to bed. Tomorrow we have to be at the builders office at 9:00 a.m. to sign the contract. Then we'll go back home give Owen a bath and play with him after a little lunch until his parents come to pick him up. Maybe they will stay for pizza too! Sunday we have Church and then I'll be heading to Dillworth Coffee to hang out with my knitting friends-YAY!! I will also at some time during Saturday and Sunday be making some jewelry for my etsy site. I will be making some beach glass necklaces. I also want to make some new and different things from what I've been putting on the site. Some Spring sparklies would be nice too!! A loaded up weekend but a good one! Can't wait to spend some time with Owen!!

Everyone have a good one!!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love your spring header. That lamb is so cute.

Rhondi said...

Well you have a busy weekend! Enjoy Owen. It is such a blessing to have him close by. I sure wish we could look after our grandchildren on the weekends.
Have fun!

Darlene said...

Sounds like a busy weekend but a good one! Enjoy your time with Owen and give him a little squeeze for me.

jenclair said...

What a great weekend you have planned! A little bit of all sorts of pleasures!

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