Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Nice Surprise in the Garden

Yesterday after work I went outside to refill the bird feeders. While I was walking to the one feeder something caught my eye and made me smile-my Lenten Rose was blooming! I had forgotten all about this little plant in its container but mother nature worked her magic again and made her bloom! I didn't have my camera handy so I am posting a few pictures off to show you what mine looks like.

There are many stories about the Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose or Hellebores. Some involve witchcraft, an old legend says it sprouted in the snow from the tears of a young girl who had no gift to give the Christ child in Bethlehem, another story says during the Siege of Kirrha in 585 BC, hellebore was reportedly used by the Greek besiegers to poison the city's water supply, whatever the stories are I just love that my Lenten Rose greets me every spring since I bought it! Just lovely!!


NanaDiana said...

I love that plant. I actually wrote a poem about it a few years ago that was published. We have NOTHING gtowing her. xo Diana

Happy@Home said...

Oh, what a nice surprise! That is one plant that I don't have in my garden. I think I need to do something about that :).
I love all of the pretty pink on your blog right now, esp. that heavenly dress in your header.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Beautiful flower, Sherri.

Rhondi said...

Mine are blooming too. Actually I noticwed them the first week in January which is way early. Even our cherry tree blossoms are out. Hope we don't get a bad frost.
Love the pink banner!

Mary said...

My hellebores just up and disappeared a couple of years ago - I do love them and am always overwhelmed when I see them at home in England - they are gigantic and must have the perfect environment to thrive there!

Very pretty in your garden too Sherri. I have so many things popping out this week AND we had to mow the lawn it was so thick and long!

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