Monday, August 6, 2012

I Love Watching Kids Play the Old Time Games!

This past weekend we had our grandson, Owen for part of Saturday until noon on Sunday.  What fun we had!  John decided he was going to start Owen out by playing Hide and Seek.  I love watching little kids learning this game and all the other old time games!  Owen is only 1 so we were limited at what we could play with him but Hide and Seek was perfect.  We of course, played a slight variation of the game.  Owen got up in my one and half chair and all by himself covered himself with all the pillows.  I kept saying, where is Owen, I wonder where is Owen".  He started giggling that lovely baby giggle!  John and I started poking the pillows lightly which made him laugh all the more!

Of course, with all 1 yr. olds,  Owen didn't want to stop playing the game.  So Papa and Nana played this game over and over!!  It really was so much fun listening to his little giggle and laugh.  These moments are definitely being treasured by John and I!  We cannot wait until he gets old to play alot more games.  Games like Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says and all the board games that we played as children.



Mary (Bookfan) said...

What a doll! Isn't the baby giggle just the best?

Sherri said...

Mary-it surely is!! We had such a fun time!!

NanaDiana said...

Owen is just so danged cute! I love this age and watching them play those simple games of childhood. Aren't we Nanas and Papas blessed? xo Diana

mysteryhistorymom said...

He cannot get any cuter!!! But, he needs to stop growing, Sherri! sigh... He's a heart breaker already.:) Lori

Donna said...

He is sooooo cute! Lots of fun and lots of memories!


Mary said...

He's already a big boy and so very cute - I love them at this age!

Hope the Summer is fun Sherri and that you aren't having the lousy weather we have here lately! Just one clear, dry, sunny evening would be nice.

Hugs - Mary

Sherri said...

Mary, unfortunately our weather hasn't been up to par either! Now every night we are having terrible thunder and lightning storms with torrential rains! Bring on Autumn!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

oh when did he get so big?!! What a cutie could you not help but play the same game over and over?!!
Love the idea of your shaw that you are working on...sounds like a neat project ~ can't wait to see it!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a cutie pie you have here. Thanks for coming by and the sweet comment.


jenclair said...

Such a cutie! Aren't grandkids a delight to watch? And to listen to their giggles...what fun!

Joyce's Journey said...

Wow, Sherri! I must have not been here for awhile. I cannot get over how big Owen has gotten and my oh my, is he adorable!!! You must have a blast with him. So happy for you, also, about your new home. Can't wait to see and so great you will move in before the holidays!!

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