Friday, August 17, 2012

My 2 Yarn Projects-1 Complete and 1 in Progress

Well I always talk about what knitting projects I'm working on.  Well I finally finished one and I'm getting close on the other one.  The first one is called Silk Moon Crescent Shawl.  I bought the yarn last fall at SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair).  This was such beautiful yarn to work with and I think it was because it has silk in it.
 This Shawl will be great for those nights that are a little chilly.  This just covers the shoulders and  a little down the back.  I love all the colors, it will be great for Spring too with all the pastel colors.

This shawl is called the Angel Wingspan.  I love this shawl.  The colors are just gorgeous.  This is for me-they are some of my favorite colors.
This is a closeup of the shawl but the colors are a little washed out.  The first picture colors are better.

The owner of the shop where I went Thursday night took some Juniper Moon Farm yarn and dyed it.  Debbie is a beautiful yarn dyer!!  Look at all the lovely colors in the wound skein!!

This yarn unwound looked like a brilliant Florida sunset!  It is just gorgeous!!  I am going to find the perfect shawl pattern for this lovely yarn!
When Darcy at the shop wound it for me she did it so there was a little flower at the top!  She is so clever!!

Well that is all for now.  When I finish the Angel Wingspan I will take another picture-maybe with me wearing it!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful pieces- I have never seen anything like that angel wingspan one. How gorgeous they both are- xo Diana

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sherri, you are so talented! Gorgeous shawls. And I love the new yarn colors.

Mary said...

Beautiful yarns and you just keep wowing me with your creations Sherri - you are such an accomplished knitter!

Keep meaning to mention that I love your Summer header - very pretty!

Hugs - Mary

Sherri said...

Thanks everyone! The Angel Wingspan isn't hard at all and neither was the Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette! Don't give me credit for doing accomplished knitting in either case-LOL!

vicki said...

Wow Sherri- that shawl is just incredible-- what beautiful colors. You must have such a feeling of satisfaction after completing such a great project. I'd love to see you model the shawl---

jenclair said...

Both shawls are gorgeous! Love the unusual shape of the Angel Wingspan1

Kay said...

Gracious! This is just so gorgeous!!! You are such a talented artist.

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