Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jenny's Baby Sprinkle

Well the Sprinkle has come and gone and what fun we had!!  Even the rain wasn't going to keep us down!  Alot of people came, we ate, we had punch, Jenny opened presents, visited, chatted and overall had an awesome time!!

Here are some pictures:

These are the baby boy cupcakes Megan made.  They were yummy!!!

One of Megan's gifts to Jenny with this diaper, baby item motorcycle she made.  It was really cool!  Great job Megs!!!

Jenny and I.  Little Mama's reading to pop!!

Diaper wreath Megan and I made out of newborn diapers.  We had to keep it inside because of all the rain.  We were afraid the diapers would blow up like balloons in the moisture-LOL!!!

 Megan made this maternity cake for Jenny!  She saw it on pinterest I think!  Talented girl!!

 Jenny opening some gifts.

A few of the decorations on the island in my kitchen.

Now we are just waiting for Baby Jack to arrive.  Her scheduled C-section is 4/19 but she sees the Dr. today.  The baby has dropped alot so maybe he will arrive a little early like Owen did!   Can't wait to hold him!  Owen is dealing with the baby items very well.  I wonder how he will react to being a big brother!


NanaDiana said...

What a cute party. I LOVE the wreath and the cake- How cute are they?!?! Hello Baby Jack- we are all waiting! xo Diana

Florence and Mary said...

It looks like a fabulous shower and how amazing is the maternity cake!

Victoria xx

Susie said...

Cute decorations !! Can't wait to see baby pictures. You know people love babies. xoxo,Susie

Mary Beth said...

Love all the pics, Sherri. What a fun event. All my best to Jenny and her hubby.

Kay said...

I just knew that anything you were involved in would be super stylish and gorgeous. This was no exception.

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a lovely celebration, Sherri! Such darling decorations and what a pretty little Mommy (and grandmother!)! I know you can't wait to hold that sweet baby in your arms.:) Lori

jenclair said...

What a fantastic cake! Looks like a lovely shower!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a fun time! I know everyone is so excited for the wee one to arrive.

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