Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Stroll around the townhouse and outside.

I hadn't done a Sunday Stroll in quite some time. I thought today would be a great day to do that. Welcome to Meeting Street at Indigo Row. John and I have lived here for 1 month now and we love it! Teddy also loves it because he has all his little canine friends to visit with everyday on his walks. I have posted some new pictures of the courtyard behind our house. I think I finally have it set up the way I want it and the best way for all the plants. The picnic table finally has been levelled and can be sat at now. I had promised when the Dining Room was all together I would post pictures of that and I've done that in the post too. I hope you enjoy your stroll through our new abode and surroundings! Have a great day!

Entrance to our townhouse community.

This little bench has become Teddy and my little resting place when we take our long walk at night. I love the willow tree behind and all the grasses too.

Here is a porch over porch model. This one is for sale by the builder. We really like this style and we might be able to purchase a resale after our lease is up in 2 years. We really love our style too but the porch over porch has wonderful appeal. The upstairs porch comes right out of the master bedroom suite. That is really our style!

Here are some of the other townhomes in our little community.

This is the whole community from the entrance. As you can see this isn't a huge community, which suits John, Teddy and I just fine. It is done in the Charleston style, which we love.

This is a shot from the entrance to the townhouses. It is so lush and green now. I love the willow trees.

This is the center courtyard at the townhouse. Sometimes John and I will take a walk and then we take Teddy into the courtyard and sit on the benches for a bit. It's a great way to meet new neighbors too.

I thought this was a beautiful shrub at the townhouse, but I don't know what it is.

These cattails are growing in the middle area of the townhouse. They look so lovely just swaying in the breeze.

I originally had a large basket in the hall but I thought we needed some more color. One of my palm trees was getting way too much sun in the courtyard. I brought it in and put it in the entryway hall yesterday-much better!

My Mom painted this little group of bluebirds. She uses watercolors. I hung this in our entryway hall. We've gotten many compliments on it.

This is the dining room from the entry hall. It finally looks all put together.

We finally put the conservatory on the stand in the dining room yesterday. I really love it there!

My treasure table in the dining room is done now. I have the girls pictures (I really have to print out one with Kevin in the picture with Jenny), little houses from Ireland, shells collected while in Ireland, the little stained glass lamp I made and a little bluebird votive holder from Maine.

Yesterday John and I were finally able to get the picnic table in the courtyard level enough. It was so nice outside yesterday evening we sat out there for about an hour before the fireworks.

This is the backdoor and grilling area. I was able to put the 2 Pottery Barn lanterns out in the courtyard now!

I rearranged the grilling area and fence area of our courtyard yesterday. Now I know exactly when the sun is in what area and what plants can really tolerate that much sun.

This is the garage wall of our courtyard.

Here is the blue hydrangea and 3 rosebushes I dug up at the old house. I have to get some larger containers this week and replant them. I have places for them in the courtyard behind our house. They will look lovely there.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I went to the old house to dig up some plants. I walked into the backyard and I smelled this lovely lily smell. I had total forgot about the Casablanca Lily that I had planted. It was blooming in all its glory.

Closeup picture of the lily.

This is one of my favorite antique china plates. There is a bowl that matches this too but unfortunately it didn't survive the move from NJ to NC 5 yrs. ago. I have this hanging by the breakfast bar in the kitchen area.


Kay said...

You have such an eye for beauty, Sherri. I wish you lived next door so you could help us with our house. Your new neighborhood and townhouse is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, Sherri! Isn't it fun to set things up in a new dwelling?

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Sherri, love the plantings around the buildings. The ornamental grasses are especially nice. I like the idea of a pretty garden that requires no work;) Your private courtyard looks nice too. Not too much work to keep it up.

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

What a beautiful place to live! Your home looks very inviting and so pretty. Love the little watercolor your Mother painted.

Enjoy your day!

Barbara said...

You're getting so much done already. I'm envious. It's only now starting to warm up here and my plants are only itty-bitty things still! Next year I'm buying potted plants to set in rather than seeds! Best wishes for contentment in your new home.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

It all looks really lovely Sherri and the whole area is very pretty.

Antoneth said...

Hello..I'm Antoneth from Philippines..Your photos are such very impressive..And the way that you showed this photos is what I liked the most...Can you teach me? Did you just used HTML? How to do that presentation?

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Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!