Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden plantings and the completed Dining Room

On Sunday John and I stayed home and worked around the house outside. I had bought some flowers for the front garden and some garden containers for the patio. Alot of you know I just love flowers and the big family joke is I would spend my last dime on flowers! The garden out front looked nice but needed some color. I saw this beautiful delphinium when I was at Home Depot looking at their chandeliers. The blue just caught my eye and I was sold!! Before we moved here we just had the small courtyard between the townhouse and the garage and now I've got a whole yard! John and I had been talking about the chandelier in the Dining Room on Friday night. We still don't know why the owners of the house didn't put a chandelier in the dining room-very odd. I was leaning towards the Pottery Barn chandelier I had posted here in an earlier post, but then we thought we better stick to a more traditional one since we have so many antique pieces in that room. We bought a Williamsburg type chandelier and it definitely completes that room. Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to!

Here is that delphinium that just called out to me, "Sherri buy me, don't leave me here!!" I love the blue and the color it added to the front garden.

The delphinium flower is just gorgeous! I have always grown this flower in my garden.

There are quite a few hummingbirds around here. So when I saw this Penstemmon, I just knew I would be taking it home for my little hummer friends.

This Monarda (Bee Balm) isn't blooming right now but it has tons of buds on it. When the buds open they will be a bright red also (another flower the hummers love). I can't wait to see the pop of red in the garden out front!

This is foxglove. John just love to see this plant bloom in the garden. I hope this one decides to bloom this year! I bought this one at The Garden Gate but when I went to Home Depot the foxglove there was in full bloom looking so beautiful!

I was so excited when we looked at the house and found out there was a front porch. I love to hang ferns on a front porch and I bought 2 of them! They look so nice hanging there.

This is one of two flower urns I planted on Sunday. I made them exactly alike. I put a large geranium, coleus and heliotrope in there and to add the cascading effect (once it grows bigger) I added chartreuse creeping Jenny. That stuff grows so fast it will be spilling over the lip of the urn in no time!

Mother's day weekend John bought me this beautiful double impatient hanging basket. We hung it off one of the fence posts in the backyard. I love this plant!

Closeup of the impatient. It is just gorgeous!!

I made up 2 new planters for the patio. I put a fuchsia in one of the planters, always trying to attract the little hummers! We also put 2 tomato plants in containers and I repotted my Rosemary plant. It was root bound and needed a much larger container. When we lived up North this was an annual, but not down here I have had the same plant for 4 yrs.!!

This is a little closer shot of the fuchsia plant. They are so pretty!

This is the whole front garden and porch for you to see! Eventually we would like to add 2 rocking chairs to the porch or maybe that porch swing that I would love to have again!

I almost forgot we hung up the wren house too! We decided even though it is late in the season some little Carolina Wren just might want a new home. I have always loved this little copper-roofed Wren house! Right before we hung it up I saw a little Carolina Wren checking out the birdfeeder.

Switching gears from the garden to the house. Here is the Dining Room all done!

This is a picture of the Dining Room as if you were looking at towards the front of the house. It is hard to see the chandelier but it is brushed nickel and very Williamsburg like. It goes perfectly with the antique pumpkin pine stepback cupboard, the antique table and chairs and the blue cupboard in that room.

Here's another view of the Dining Room facing the back of the house.

Hope you liked my tour of my gardens and the completed Dining Room. Things are really coming together downstairs and I really need to get my act together upstairs. I need to paint the guest room because I just found out my sister and her family are coming for a visit in July. I don't think they would appreciate macaroni and cheese yellow walls-LOL!!!

Everyone have a fabulous day!!


Mary said...

Everything looks lovely, Sherri, inside and outside. The chandelier is perfect!

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh Sherri! your header is beautiful! LOVE the color of the bedroom walls!
You really love flowers and the outdoors...you are my kind of person.
Enjoyed your post today.
Everything looks just wonderful!

GardenofDaisies said...

I love delphiniums! My Mom grows them. (I can't seem to grow them here. I don't think they like my soil.) Your dining rooms is lovely with the new chandelier. I can't believe how quickly you have moved in and unpacked everything and made the whole house look so wonderful!!

Florence and Mary said...

Oh Sherri your front porch is adorable!

Victoria x

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Your garden is lovely, and I *love* your dining room table! Beautiful.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your front garden is looking wonderful! I can tell you have having a ball with all of the garden space you have now.

Your dining room looks fantastic...

tinajo said...

I love your garden - so many pretty flowers and the patio is much nicer than ours! :-)

Nan said...

I sure did enjoy my tour! I'm so happy for you in your new home. Have you mentioned what the color is in the dining room? I really like it. And it the wainscoting a bright white or off-white? (can you tell I'm trying to choose kitchen colors in my house?!)

Darlene said...

It all looks so nice Sherri. I love the front of the house especially the windows and I'd die for a front porch. Love the chandelier you picked out as well - it looks great in the dining room. It sounds to me like flowers call you in the same way books call me. lol.

KATHY said...

All your flowers look so pretty!! And your house is gorgeous.


Low Tide High Style said...

You are so far ahead of me on the whole gardening thing. I've only planted a few things so far. I love all of your choices, bee balm was one of my mom's favorite flowers, and that begonia your husband bought you is truly gorgeous! I also love your new chandelier! You have done so much already and it all looks so pretty!

Kat :)

A Rosy Note said...

Everything looks wonderful. I love all the flowers :)


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Oh Sherri...delphiniums are my favorite, favorite flowers :) Only one of mine have come up this year...so it was lovely seeing your's blooming and all!!
Your planters look just like ours...how funny - we have the same taste in flowers :) We planted ours two weeks ago, and they are starting to get big already! Last year we took our creeping jenny and planted it all around - you should see how it is going to town as ground cover (now THAT is a plant....to be able to use it in the summer in pots, then plant it for ground cover for the next year - whoo hoo!!)
The dining room looks super - nice choice on the chandelier - very pretty!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You got a lot of planting done. Love the double impatiens too. I haven't seen any yet around here in white. I always seem to be bringing a plant home. It just makes me happy. I think the wrens are still nesting around here. They are ignoring the drawer I put outside but I saw one with a bunch of twigs so it is building a nest somewhere!

vicki said...

Sherri- thank you for this beautiful tour of your home and gardens. Those flowers-- oh my- such beauty! Your home is so very lovely - you are truly blessed!

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

You've been busy! I love the colour of that delphinium too - very nice!

My Cottage Charm said...

Sherri I would spend my last dime on flowers too. To be honest with you, when we first got married, I would take part of our grocery money and buy flowers with it...I figured we could always eat beans and cornbread, but I would only get a small season for beautiful flowers! :)
I LOVE your front porch...Oh and you're so right, two rockers or a swing would be so lovely there..or even some wicker chairs. dreamy!
I love the color of you dining room..it looks so pretty. You guys did a great job.
Hugs to you sweet girl!
PS..I'm feeling a little better today..just a sore throat now. :)

Kay said...

Totally gorgeous! I just love seeing spring flowers. That double impatiens is just amazing! I've never seen anything like it in Hawaii. There's probably too much sun for it over here.

The diningroom is perfect!

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