Friday, May 27, 2011

Lily and mystery white shrub.

I had brought my container with my favorite lily in it to the new house. Yesterday the first bud opened up! It is so gorgeous!!

In our side yard there is a bush/shrub on the other side of the fence and I'm not quite sure what it is. I'm thinking it might be a wild viburnum. Does anyone know for sure what it is?

It has been raining here most of the evening. Very hard downpours, thunder and lightning too! Tomorrow is suppose to be really nice. I hope so because Jenny (our youngest daughter that is expecting) and I are going shopping for baby things tomorrow! I cannot wait! I just all those little clothes, shoes, etc.!!


Kathy said...

Lovely lily - might be a wild viburnum - not sure - I see this bush blooming in the woods around here!
Have a great weekend,

Donnie said...

I'm no good at the plant recognition so I'll leave that to others. Don Jr got hit pretty bad in Gastonia with that storm. A lot of trees down in their neighborhood.

jenclair said...

Isn't this season full of beauty!

Love your new header!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Spring is such a beautiful time..... those photos are blooming with beauty!

Carolynn said...

Stargazer lilies are among my all time favourite flowers. Not only do they look stunning, they smell absolutely delicious!

Happy hunting tomorrow.

tinajo said...

Beautiful lily! :-)

I can imagine it will be fun with the shopping, I love that too..! :-D

Vickie said...

I would go with viburnam. It's lovely whatever it is. That lily is gorgeous!

Mary said...

Sherri, that's Elderberry for sure! These lovely bushes were blooming all over Devon when I was home - and later when the beautiful black berries form they will be gathering them to make Elderberry wine and jelly!

Thanks for your recent comments - glad you are enjoying my pics from England.

I've lots of blogs to catch up with so this has to be a quick hello dear. Take care, Mary.

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