Monday, November 21, 2011

What a great weekend!!

I left Charlotte on Friday with my friend, Ginny and headed up to the mountains. We were staying with 3 of our knitting friends at a B&B in West Jefferson, NC. We have been there before and what a great time we had!! I got my nephew's scarf all done for Christmas and started another one for my sister. On the way through West Jefferson, Ginny and I stopped for lunch and we went to some little shops there too. The one shop wasn't so little but it was wonderful-it is a Cheese store!! The factory that makes the cheese is across the street and you can tour that if you want. Ginny bought cheese for the weekend (that was her contribution). She bought Baby Swiss, Swiss with almond spread, Cheddar Cheese, and Brandied Peaches. The cheese was so good-I want to go back there again!

Saturday we didn't leave the B&B the whole day or night. One of the girls brought Veggie Soup and another brought Chili so we were set for meals! I made Beer Bread and an Apple Crisp. Another one of the girls brought bagels, which we ended up having melted cheese on for one of our meals. The B&B serves huge breakfasts so we just had a little afternoon snack and then dinner on Friday and Saturday. Both Saturday and Sunday were warm enough to sit out on the front porch and knit. We headed back to Charlotte around noon. We had such a wonderful time!

The owner of the B&B (Doc) decided that our food was so good and he loves for us to come and sit on the porch and knit that he wants to write a cookbook with our recipes in the book and put in some knitting stories!! We are all really excited about this!! When the book is done and on sale, I will let everyone know!!

This weekend was all about relaxing, knitting, resting, chatting and just plain having a wonderful time with our friends!! This kind of weekend always brings and bonds the group together, which is a wonderful thing!!


Donna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Sherri! And how great to have your recipes and knitting stories in one of their cookbooks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend, Sherri. The cookbook is a great idea!

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