Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Jewelry Collection I made today.

This is the new jewelry collection I made today!

Wooden Earrings

Jasper Earrings

Amber and Blue Necklace

Aquamarine Jacket Pull

I had alot of fun creating all these pieces of jewelry. I have to make some more for the Holiday Open House Megan is having on December 6th. It should be a wonderful time!


Mary said...

Just beautiful, Sherri. You are so talented!

Vickie said...

YAY! You're making purdee sparklies again!! LOVE the zipper pull...

Brenda Colleen Leyland said...

Creating something wonderful with our hands is so healing for the mind and heart.... hopefully the body too.

Thanks for sharing your handiwork with us.

I wish you joy,joy this week.

Lady Katherine said...

Love the Jewelry! It great! I can see a vew pieces, I love to have to match my necklaces. Thanks for stopping by MY TEA POST! I have been to Charlotte so many times and the airport there too. Its so easy to get lost in Charlotte and the airport. I thought I would never get across the airport. Long walk. Glad to met another weaver and knitter. Stop by for tea anytime! I keep the kettle ready! Got to order some soon. I have a few more samplings to do, but I just love vanilla cream tea by Vintage Teas.

Lady Katherine said...

Hi again, you need to add the following gaget, for some reason I can't subscribe. And I would love to.

garden girl said...

SO pretty Sherri! My youngest daughter makes jewelery too. I admire your skill and creativity.

Laura said...

They're all so beautiful!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I like that jacket pull (or key chain). What a cute idea.

Sherri said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments. I will be putting some of these on jewelry is under cherylmcdermitt1 if you would like to check them out. I only have some purse jewelry and 1 pr. of earrings on there right now but I will be putting more on there in the next day or so. No pressure though.

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