Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Have you ever just wished you stayed in bed all day???

Well if you could look up in the dictionary the phrase "office drama" you would see my office there! Hopefully everything will blow over. I can't believe that this has turned into a major drama-all I said to the boss was I can't do all this work anymore! The boss told the controller to split the work up more fairly, he took it as a personal attack on him, he called in the other woman in accounting and told her the story, she overeacted and ran around gossiping to anyone who would listen! This morning I was in the office at 7:20 and it was nice and quiet. The controller came in around 8:00 and proceeded to come in my office, closed the door and told me he was mad at me for going to the boss. (Mind you I had gone to him 3 times and told him no one was helping me with all the extra work and I couldn't do it anymore) He told me he talked to the other owner (my real boss) and complained to him! My boss told him to basically get over it and it was his own fault because he didn't do anything about it and I must be pretty frustrated to say something (thank you very much). So in a nutshell I'm not working on any accounting from now on. I never wanted to work in accounting anyway, I don't like it. It was just way too much work and time consuming for me to get my own work done. I really hate office politics and yes, I'm going to say it working with woman or womanish men!! I am hoping this blows over and everyone can move on. I wasn't starting trouble I was just asking for some help and relief. I didn't go behind anyone's back I had asked numerous times for help. What is the problem! Oh well I'm off my soapbox now! Thanks for listening to my vent! I promise this is the end of this sordid tale!

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Brenda Colleen Leyland said...

Sherri, Hopefully you have a nice book to curl up with after such a stressful day!

Hopefully tomorrow will be the beginning of a better situation at work for you.


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