Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Walk around the yard

This isn't in my yard but on my Dining Room table. These little Thanksgiving Pilgrims are as old as our oldest daughter, Megan. She is 28. I bought them for her very first Thanksgiving! We love them and cherish them. Someday I will give them to her.

These are the woods directly behind our house. When you look through the woods there is a pond on the 3rd hole of the Providence Country Club Golf Course. John and I feel like we live on a lake through the woods!

This yarrow looked so wooly and nestled in my garden. Sometimes I forget about it because it is in the very back of the garden. When it blooms it looks so beautiful there by the Butterfly Bush (Buddleia).

Grasses swaying in the garden.

One of the last Angel Trumpets in my garden.

Angel Trumpet (Brugsmania) outline against the late afternoon sky.

You ask what in the world did she take a picture of! Well this is the image of a bird that flew into our screened porch storm door! The bird is fine. It was a morning dove. You might not be able to tell in the picture too well but you can see the eyes, beak, head, wings, body and tail of the dove. She hit the window, slowly fluttered to the ground, shook herself off and flew to the birdfeeder and stuffed her face!

I hope you have enjoyed the stroll today. It was another gorgeous day here in Charlotte, NC!! The colors on the trees were stunning! The yellows, golds, reds and oranges made the trees look like they were in a blaze of color! I love this part of Fall! Enjoy!!


Mary said...

Well I'm glad the bird was ok!!! That is an amazing photo, Sherri!

Kay said...

I'd love to grow an angel trumpet if I could. I hear that their scent is really beautiful.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I like the center piece on your table. The little Pilgrims are so cute. You have a lovely Brumsmania, I have wanted one but they would be difficult to keep overwinter here in IL.

Sherri said...

Kay, the Angel Trumpets do have a lovely fragrance, especially at night! You should try one. I love mine!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I love your angel trumpet, they are so beautiful. I am jealous of your walk about, it's still so beautiful down there. I thought for a moment you captured a ghost and would be calling TAPS :)

Catherine Holman said...

That's amazing that the bird survived. The angel trumpet is beautful!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!