Saturday, February 7, 2009

I recovered 2 outside chairs and made a bracelet!

With the Open House schedule for tomorrow I took a look around the back porch and patio and saw that my 2 screened porch chairs had terrible water stains on them. I had treated these cusions with scotchguard but not waterproofing. I'll know better next time! I had some fabric upstairs in my craft closet that was going to be cut up and put in a quilt, but I thought these chairs needed immediate attention. I covered both bottom, top and footstool cushions with the same material. I used safety pins on the back to hold them on to the cushions. Even though I sew, this was such a quick fix I couldn't resist! I thought they turned out really well!

This is the chair before. The other one looked just as bad. I should have brought the cushions in for the winter but forgot to. When I realized they were getting wet it was too late the water stains had already set.

This is the chair up close after I got it all done.

This is the first chair all done up! I was so happy with it I decided to move to the next chair!

This is a closeup of the fabric I used. These look like brand new chairs with a little color!

This is the other chair all done! I'm glad they turned out so great!

This is the bracelet I made for myself today! I think I'm going to add some more things on it, but here it is for now! I'm going to wear it tonight when I go out with our friends for dinner and a movie. I made my friend some earrings for her birthday, but I forgot to take a pic of them before I wrapped them!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Katherine said...


I Love the idea of the buttons on the bracelet! Very nice. The chairs look awesome, your outside area looks heavenly I would love to sit out there with a book!


____Maggie said...

What a great place to enjoy a book! Now, get a throw and one of your favs to throw over the chair before the open house!

Today I opened all my little button packs and poured them in a glass jar. The braclet is a better idea, thanks!

Joyce said...

Wow Sherri! You did a great job on your chairs. They look wonderful! And I love your bracelet! What a great idea!! Very productive day!!!

Mary said...

Love the button bracelet, Sherri! And the chairs look so fresh with the new cushion covers. I like Maggie's idea of the throw and a book. Good luck with the Open House!

Sherri said...

You all are so right about the book and get in the chair-that is right where I am now!! I don't need a throw though-it hit 72 today and it was around 74 yesterday! I wore the bracelet out last night and got many compliments! Thanks for all your wonderful compliments!!

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