Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Visit with my friend was so nice!

John and I went to visit my friend from church last night. John chatted with her husband while I visited with Patti. She had broken a bone in her foot December 30th. She had been scheduled to have her toe operated on right after the holidays. Then the bone broke so 2/9 she had the toe surgery and everything is mending at the same time. Patti is a ray of sunshine in my life!! She is always upbeat, complimentary, gracious and a tower of strength!! I met her when I first moved here almost 5 years ago at the church. We were on a committee together and we put together a fundraiser called Art After Dark. It was wonderful working with her on that. Patti has become my surrogate Mom! She is only 2 years younger than my Mom. All the things that Patti does for the church and people she knows makes her seem like she's only 55 yrs. old! When John and I pulled up to her house we were greeted my thousands of daffodils. I told him when you look at a daffodil it is like looking at Patti! Sunny, bright, cheerful and happy!! I am glad to have her as my friend! Mend quickly Patti!!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Sounds like a lovely visit. Hope you're feeling better. A few day of relaxing and de-stressing helps has to be good for the mind and body.

Kay said...

How lovely, Sherri! I have always loved daffodils while in Illinois. Patti is lucky to have you for a friend, too. How terrific that you had such a nice visit.

Joyce said...

I hope Patti gets to see this nice posting about her. She sounds like a lovely person that anyone would cherish to have as a friend. How nice that she is in your life!!

Sherri said...

Patti is a lovely person inside and out! I've know her for 5 years and I feel like I've know her my entire life-that is a true friend!!

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