Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mother Nature's Wonders

I have always been fascinated by Mother Nature's way of spiraling flowers. When flowers open they usually unfurl in a spiral motion and open. I love watching time-lapsed photography of a flower opening it is so interesting! I used to watch The Wonderful World of Disney when I was small (yes I'm dating myself) and in the opening shots there was a flower that would open really quickly. My Nana always planted Moon Vine plants in a flower pot by her porch. I would wait for her call (she usually lived nearby so I could run to her house)that the moon vine was opening. You could actually see the plant start to shake and very, very slowly you could see it opening. I didn't care how many mosquito bites I got I would stand there with Nana for hours and watch her plant unfurl and show it's snowy white bloom to us! I have tried to grow Moon vines when we lived in the North and they never germinated or they were spindly. Next year I have decided I'm going to try again.

Here are some photos of spiral flowers and one of a moon vine I found on the internet-enjoy nature's splendor:

Here is a lovely picture of a moon vine blossom.

Here is a lovely example of spiraling flowers-this beautiful pink camellia.

I have recently found out about this spiral aloe plant. There is a vendor on that sells these plants from time to time and someday I'm going to order one!

I love the creamy, buttery color of this flower-just gorgeous!

This photographer did an amazing job with this picture. The colors are spectacular and what a wonderful spiral specimen.

This purple flower is just ready to open. I would have loved to see this one in time-lapsed photography.

Roses have always been special to me. I love rosebuds and have painted them over the years, I've created roses in stained glass and I grow them in my garden and take numerous pictures of them. This one is a beauty.

This little hibiscus is beautiful and I love the color.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at nature in a different way. My Nana had taught me so many things about gardening and looking at flowers the way they grow and not just for their beauty was one of them. Miss and love you Nana!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Mother nature is indeed very intricate and sometimes simple when it comes to her creations.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Moonflowers! You know they are one of my favorites! We grow them every summer along with Morning Glories by the girls little yellow house.:) Love the pictures, Sherri! Beautiful! Lori

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your flower pictures are so gorgeous!! I loved them all. Thanks for sharing. Love & hlessings from NC!

Happy@Home said...

Beautiful flower photos, Sherri. I planted a moonflower vine this year. I thought what you shared about it shaking when it is about to open was fascinating. I am going to keep a closer eye on it this year. No buds yet, however.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Sherri
I am Lindsay your Bird Swap partner stopping by to Say " hello" today.
I have really enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. These flower pictures are stunning. I love the blue table you made with your dad. It goes pefectly in your beachy themed room. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Sherri, those are beautiful!

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