Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am daydreaming of Pergolas....and other things!

I guess you can say I have had apartment fever! I have been daydreaming about what the new house will look like, what gardens I'm going to put in and where and one thing I have been thinking about is a pergola over the patio we are going to have created in the Spring! I went on my old favorite friend, and here is a pergola I feel in love with: (all photos via
Isn't this gorgeous!!
Here is another gorgeous one! I found some other interesting things I might want to try at the new house too:
What a wonderful way to cover your downspouts!!
This garage arbor is just beautiful and the new house will have some stone on it too!
I have always loved rain chains. This copper flower cup is just beautiful!
I might have to put this water fountain somewhere in the backyard. The birds would probably love it too! I love daydreaming and these are some beautiful things to daydream about! Enjoy your day!!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Sherri! LOVE the garage one....that is stunning :) Bet you are having loads of fun finding different things for you new home! Enjoy your day!!

Karena said...

Hi Sherri!! I love pergolas and that downspout cover is genius!!

Art by Karena

Mary said...

Yes, I LOVE the downspout cover with vine too - what a great idea. Pergolas, arbors, any open coverings in the garden are delightful to sit under to a sip a drink while listening to the birds!

Hugs - Mary

Bert Ashton said...

have you designed many pergolas?

garden pergolas

Nolan Jayce said...

congrats for your weddings have a wonderful marriage life...:-)
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Christian Renwick said...

A pergola over the patio - sounds like a romantic idea. I love it! I suggest you put your favorite flowers to add colors and life to it. Or if you want a Tuscan or old-looking pergola, grow climbing vines that can creep on it. You sure know how to pick your photo inspirations.

Christian Renwick

Angelina Garcia said...

I love the first two pictures! I remembered a friend of mine who has a pergola beside her pool deck, like the one in the first picture, and we love having overnight parties there. We’re enjoying the view of the pool and the beauty of the night sky while having fun all night. :) I just wish I can have an outdoor room like the one in the second photo. Fingers crossed! :)

+ Angelina Garcia +

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