Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wing Haven Gardens Part II

As promised here is the second part of the photos I took at Wing Haven Gardens yesterday:
There were really beautiful snowball bushes at Wing Haven. This is just one bush-just gorgeous!
This is the fountain pool at the end of the walk through Wing Haven.
Japanese Painted Fern
Blue Hydrangea blossom-gorgeous!
I named this the "blue hydrangea walkway".
These blue hydrangea blossoms are near the house.
There is a beautiful herb garden and it was lined with boxwood. They must have just trimmed them because they were just perfect! There was a sun dial on a pedestal in the middle of the garden.
This is a closeup of the boxwood lined path herb garden.
Pink Lily blooming at Wing Haven.
Purple and blue hydrangea blossoms.
Alot of the water spigots throughout the garden had cast shapes on them. This is a little quail.
Cast Dog water spigot.
Pinkish Purple Hydrangea blossoms
Snowball blossoms
I love snowball blossoms and I had to take a closeup of one of the blossoms.
I just love the sunshine shining on this mossy brick pathway.
I love white iron benches and this one was gorgeous. If you look to the left side of the photo you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful exit gate.
These beautiful white roses were in the rose garden at Wing Haven.
As I was walking along one of the paths I looked up and saw this really knotted old tree. Just fascinating!
We were leaving one of the garden "rooms" and I looked up and saw this beautiful white wooden gate and the beautiful brick wall. Wing Haven Gardens recently added the Elizabeth Lawrence House right down the street from Wing Haven Gardens. Elizabeth Lawrence was the first woman to graduate North Carolina State University's Land Architecture program. In 1948 Elizabeth started building a house and garden in Charlotte. She used her garden as a living laboratory. Here are a few pictures from her garden.
Blue Scabiosa
I don't know what this plant is, but I think it is really pretty!
There was a waterlily pond at the Elizabeth Lawrence House. It is all so pretty.
Gold fish in the lily pond.
There was an orange amaryllis growing in the garden. I thought it was just gorgeous!
Cast Dogwood Blossom on water spigot.
This is a relief that was hanging in the garden of the Holy Mother and Babe.
There were stone pillars with flower pots on them in the back part of the garden, just beautiful.
The waterlilies were just gorgeous in the pond.
I love this photo of the waterlily I took! I love the waxy look of the leaves and the grace and beauty of the lily itself. Well that is it for tonight! John and I had such a wonderful visit to both Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Santuary and the Elizabeth Lawrence House. If you are ever in Charlotte, you should make time to visit these beautiful santuaries! I'm so glad we did!


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Oooooo... what lovely photos.. you caught the beauty of those gardens.

So glad I saw them.

NanaDiana said...

Sherri-I think these are some of the prettiest gardens I have seen anywhere. You did a great job of capturing that beauty...great photos! That fountain pool is amazing- xo Diana

Sherri said...

Thanks Brenda and Diana! I had a wonderful time taking the photos as we walked along the lovely brick paths!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

The hydrangeas and all the other flowers are gorgeous!
I can see why you enjoyed your visit, Sherri.

Mary said...

Now I definitely want to visit this beautiful place - everything looks so peaceful and reminds me of many of the old and gorgeous British gardens. I must get one of those pink/purple hydrangeas - love it.

Thank you dear for sharing the beauty with your lovely pictures - you have a good eye.

Hugs - Mary

julie - eab designs said...

So happy you shared your beautiful photos of the gardens. So inspiring! Back to take another look now.

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