Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here is my new office as promised!

Yesterday I moved into my new office. I had a nice office in the middle of the building. I didn't have a window to the outside though and on cloudy or rainy days I kind of felt like I was in a little hole. My boss came along on Monday and told me he wanted me to move to a bigger office on the outside of the building. All day Tuesday I packed up all my desk items, files, drawings and Closeout Binders and moved on down the hall. I am now in a larger office and I have a lovely view of the woods. I love the light and brightness of the new space alot! It just makes you feel good!

This is where I spend almost the whole day just typing away and talking on the phone to owners, subcontractors and officials for our projects.

As you can see I have a lovely view beyond the parking lot. I love to look at the woods while I'm talking on the phone! I also have this lovely drafting table now. I can actually work on my drawings all sprawled out on the table now instead of folding them in half across my desk. This will be great when a subcontractor calls and I have to look at a drawing. It will also be great when I have to mark up drawings, which is usually 6 or 7 copies of the same thing! Gotta love it!

This is the woods and shrubs that I was talking about! Everything is so green right now. Today one of the guys was in my office and he said slowly turn around and look out your window there is a hummingbird right outside the window looking at you! I had a coral color top on today and I guess he liked what he saw!! Actually he was drinking water off the leaves of the boxwood outside my office.

It is so nice and quiet down at this end of the building too. At the other end the 2 girls in accounting are always yelling back and forth to each other. One of my project managers that was across the hall also has a hearing problem and was always yelling into the phone at his workers or subcontractors. I guess he thought they couldn't hear either! I have 2 of my favorite Project Managers on either side of my office now. It makes it easier for me to do their work too, they don't have to walk all the way around the building to get things to me. They said they are going to cut holes in the wall and have a pass through like the butlers used to have, that way they will never have to get out of their chairs-silly guys!!

Well I hope y'all liked the tour! Everyone have a lovely evening! Also thanks for all the congratulations and best wishes on our daughter, Jenny being pregnant! She called me today and said she is so tired, wait until the baby is born and she'll really be tired then! We are all so happy!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh your new office is lovely Sherri and what a great lush view to have. And may I say your desk looks very tidy too ;-)

Kay said...

Wowee Sherri! That is one gorgeous office. I love the huge picture windows. Seeing that hummingbird must have really made your day. Your boss must think super highly of you. :-)

Sherri said...

Thanks Sarah and Kay! I have begun to get larger responsibilities this week also. Glad they think I can handle all this negotiating stuff!

Rue said...

What a great place to work from! I can't imagine working with all the yelling going on, so I'm glad you have your quiet now :)

Oh and CONGRATULATIONS GRANDMA!!!! I'm so excited for you :)

Have a great Mother's Day!!

Mary said...

Such beautiful views for you, Sherri! Nice office, I'm happy for you :)

Donna Longenecker said...

What a wonderful office! I can see why you love it. I'd be looking out those windows all day long.

Congratulations on being a Grandma! How exciting!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

You couldn't ask for a better view than that! WOW! What a wonderful change for you.


Brenda Leyland said...

Wow, that's a great new office and what a view! You should enjoy all sorts of inspiration looking out those windows. Happy for you, Sherri!

Joyce said...

What a beautiful office, Sherri!! How will you be able to get any work done? It sounds like you work in a nice office with a good group of people, some loud, but nice just the same!! Lucky you!!

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