Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are now 3.97" over projected rain-NO KIDDING!

I am tired of this weather! We had an extreme drought last year and now the newsman told us this morning we are 3.97" over our projected rainfall for the month so far. I was so happy to see the rain in the beginning of Spring, but now it is getting old. It's likely we will have atleast 2 more days (today and tomorrow) of more rain. This is getting ridiculous. Some of my flowers are getting all soggy and some are even dying because of too much rain. My petunia and verbena look a sight! This weekend is looking so far like a wonderfully, sunny weekend and I certainly hope so! Please send sun vibes our way!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Cold and rainy here too this spring. My tomatoes are not happy. they want heat and sun. Guess we'll just wait and see what June brings us;)


Rue said...

Oh no Sherri! I'm so sorry about Jenny's miscarriage. I can only imagine how upset she is, but it sounds like she's keeping busy, so hopefully that will help.

Sorry about all your rain. You can send it here ;)


Marissa's Flower Patch said...

Wow! Sorry your getting so much rain! We've had rain the past two days, but today it has finally cleared up. I appreciated not having to water the plants, but its nice to see the sun again :)

Nan said...

We've had lotsa rain this spring, too. And if it isn't raining, it's still cloudy. We've had just enough sunshine to make things grow and not get overwatered. But the green! I'll take all rain just to see that color. It makes my eyes feel so good. The spinach was fantastic - it loved the weather. I froze a lot for winter soup.

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