Friday, May 1, 2009

Selling some surplus furniture.

John and I have been making a list of furniture that we want to sell because we just have too much stockpiled. When we moved from NJ we had alot more rooms in that house so we brought everything with us and thought we would sell it down here. We realized that was not such a great idea-we could have gotten more $$ in NJ. We really need to get rid of some clutter and whenever we move the house will be smaller and it wouldn't fit. I'm not getting rid of any of my antiques but we have an extra couch, wall unit, dining room set, pine work table, curio cabinet and a few other little things. It will be good to get rid of all that. Also the style of this house is a different style than some of the furniture we have. I was able to use all the antique dressers I've got in this house but I really want to get back to our more "country or shabby chic furniture whenever we move. It will be alot of work getting everything ready but it will be good to have less cluttered up rooms. So this weekend I'll be spending some of the time getting all these things ready for sale. I do have one antique dresser that I never really, really cared for so I'm calling an antique dealer to come look at it. She bought a few victorian things from me about a year ago and really liked the dresser. I should have sold it to her then.


Lynne said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer!

Have you sold your house yet?

Joyce said...

I love curio cabinets. I have one and it is my most favorite piece of furniture. It will be a good feeling for you to pare down and only keep the things you love, want and need. Wish I lived closer also!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I have the same problem. I've bought antiques and never gotten rid of the ones they replaced. It's just hard to give up the storage space.

Kay said...

I used to have too much furniture in Illinois. Now we have to start over and I actually have to find furniture. Sheesh!

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