Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stroll through the Garden Tonight-New Things Blooming

I came home from work tonight and decided to stroll around the yard. I noticed the minute I pulled in the driveway the hydrangea out front had started to bloom. I love them! Megan used them in her wedding arrangements last year and they were gorgeous! My Astilbes started blooming too. I love their long feathers of pink. My magnolia tree is blooming right now. The buds are not fully opened so when they do I'll have to take more pictures to show you. I hope I can get some really nice pictures so I can paint them this Fall/Winter. Teddy kicked up some squirrels that were trying to steal my seed for the birds. He loved chasing them up and was trying to get up the tree to get them-silly dog!

The girl that wanted to buy my Dining Room set came and bought it!! Woohoo! That was fairly easy! Craig's List works wonders. Now I need to get rid of the wall unit and the leather couch. I have had more inquiries about that couch, but no takers yet. They keep wanting to have me take to little for it. It is almost brand new. I will take it with me before I let it go for so little. Maybe it will fit in John's office in the new place.

Well on to the stroll......

I planted this Nikko Blue hydrangea 5 yrs. ago and it is the best it has ever been. I came home from work today and noticed it just started to bloom. I love hydrangeas of all colors. The pink one in the back of the house is starting to get tiny buds on it too. It has more shade so it isn't as far along as the blue one.

My astilbe is starting to bloom. They look so beautiful up against the green grass!

My magnolia tree is starting to bloom. I was looking up and I spotted this beautiful bud!

My Japanese Painted Ferns have gotten huge this year. I think they love the rain, especially after the severe drought we had last year! The yarrow is really beautiful this year too.

This miniature yellow daylily is one of my favorites. I have 4 across the front shrubs. They always look so happy and remind me of sunshine.

This little banana tree decided to start growing with all the rain we've had. I thought it wouldn't come back this year, but I was wrong there are 2 babies this year. I might try to pot up one and bring it with us to the new house!


Mary said...

That hydrangea is gorgeous!

I'm glad the DR set sold. Hope the rest goes too. My daughters have had good luck buying from CL in Chicago.

Vickie said...

The astilbe is FAB! I have a limited shade gardening area, so not sure if I could have one....maybe up front....

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sherri,

I have a blue hydrangea out front and a pink one out back too! How funny. Neither has bloomed but the blue plant is looking good. I have hopes for the pink but I just planted it last year so we will see.
You have a lovely yard!


Kay said...

You have so many gorgeous plants, Sherri! I love spring when everything starts to burst forth.

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