Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is all gone at our house!

Another Christmas has come and gone at the McDermitt household. We had to have all the Christmas decorations and our tree down by today. We have listed our home with a new realtor and a professional photographer will be coming to take new photos. We didn't want our pictures "dated" by having the Christmas decorations and the tree in the picture so we needed to put everything away. I love the tree and the decorations but I must admit I am glad to have the house back to normal. The house got so dusty and needed a good vacuuming (Teddy's hair and Cash's hair was everywhere). When Cash (our Granddog) comes and plays with Teddy what a lot of hair is around here. They play really well though. John is at work now and I bet he'll be so tired when he gets home. After working around here all day and then working at Best Buy from 4 to close he'll definitely love his bed when he gets home!!

Everyone have a lovely evening! Try and relax and enjoy!


Kay said...

Oh dear! Good luck with selling your house. Such a hard time now. My daughter and her husband are trying to sell their condo.
My daughter's condo is next to a noisy train so I imagine that doesn't help.

Still... it only takes that one special person to buy your house and then it's done. Here's hoping all goes well, Sherri.

Joyce said...

I am taking my tree down today. I have an artificial pre-lit tree that I purchased in 2003. When we first put the tree up this year, half the lights did not work. I had to run out and buy strings of lights. As of last night, the rest of the lights do not work so it doesn't look that great anymore anyway. I love putting everything up, but I also love taking everything down and getting back to normal.

Good luck with the sale of your house!

Catherine Holman said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for stopping by!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I know how you feel. So exciting to decorate but after Christmas, I'm ready to put everything away.

Good luck with your house.

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