Monday, December 29, 2008

Not feeling very well

I'm not feeling well today and haven't been for the past few days. I went to the Dr. today and she told me I have a viral throat infection and a UTI. I have an antibiotic for the UTI but just rest and plenty of fluids for the throat. Actually that helps the UTI also. Everyone stay healthy!


Mary said...

Feel better, Sherri. If my memory serves me (which it doesn't always), I think cranberry juice is recommended in this case. Anyone, feel free to correct me : )

Sherri said...

Mary, you are correct. You need to take 100% cranberry juice thought not Ocean Spray because it is full of sugar, which makes the UTI worse. I take a cranberry pill everyday but I guess I was just too run down this time to fight the infection.

Kay said...

I've done cranberry juice, too and I really think it helped me. It was a nurse friend that recommended it. Now, whenever I feel any twinge I down a bunch of cranberry juice and it seems to help.

Vintage Tea said...

Hope you feel better soon

Victoria x

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