Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!!

The temps have certain dropped in the South, that is for sure!! This morning it was only 15 degrees when I woke up and it isn't expected to get out of the 20's today. I know some of you in more northern areas are saying it is much colder here. Well for Charlotte, NC that is really cold this time of year. I really think my North blood has finally thinned out for the Southern clime we live in. I guess 6 years of living here does that to you.

To make matters worse, my section of the building I work in doesn't have much heat! This morning it was 55 degrees in my office!! My office plant doesn't particularly like that either!

The North Carolina mountains were able to open their ski areas back up-so I guess that is a good thing-boost that NC economy!! It does make it seem more like Christmas too with colder weather. Other years we've lived here it seems like the colder weather is never going to make it here-so that is a nice change.

I guess tea and coffee sales are up too because of the sudden drop in temp, which is also good for the economy! I know I have been making more tea in the office to keep warm and alot of other people are too.

Well I've got to run now, the HVAC mechanic is here and I need to talk with him about getting the heat back to normal in my wing of the building. Everyone have a wonderful day and keep warm!!


Darlene said...

Oh my, trying to work with no heat isn't fun. It's really cold here in Canada- I've got two pairs of pants on and get all bundled up to take the puppy out. Not a good time for puppy training, that's for sure.

Nan said...

Our temps are just like yours. Today it's in the low-twenties with snow falling. Your blog header is beautiful. Just about the clearest picture I've ever seen. I could almost touch it!

Donnie said...

I hope it makes you feel a little better that it is 43 degrees right now in Sunny Florida....lol....Hope your heat gets fixed soon.

Donna said...

I know, Sherri, it's freezing! I hope you get some heat in your building. Keep drinking those hot drinks.....I've been drinking coffee and hot chocolate!


Mary said...

Sherri, you poor thing. I hope they can get the heat working properly and that the weather improves in your area very soon.

Karena said...

Sherri it is freezing here in Kansas City!! Brrr!

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