Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now that Christmas has past.....

Well with Christmas now in the rear view mirror, what is everyone planning for New Years? John and I are just going to spend a quiet evening at home. I will be making a special meal (which I need to get planning) just for the two of us. We will probably play Scrabble or some other board game and then we will stay up and watch the ball drop in Times Square from the comfort of our warm home.

Years ago we went out with my middle sister, Sue and her husband Chuck (I think it was the first New Years after their marriage). We went to a local ski area that was having a lovely formal party in the ski lodge. We danced, had dinner and had a great time! But as we have gotten older and we moved away from NJ, we just seem to have quiet celebrations with each other. I actually like that the best!

What is everyone planning?


Anonymous said...

I am staying in. Some friends are having a party but I am just not into that as much as I used to. I probably will stay in, make myself some lovely dinner and watch the ball drop on Time Square.

Donnie said...

We have always stayed in on New Years Eve and hubby goes to bed his usual 9PM. I stay up later and sometimes stay up til midnight. New Years Day we have Chili and snacks while we watch the games. Have a great time.

mysteryhistorymom said...

It's my husband's birthday so we will probably go out to dinner (with the girls) and then come home and watch movies. We are not very exciting but it is so wonderful to be home- cozy and safe- in our nest.:) You know what I mean, Sherri.:) Our nest is the best! Lori

tinajo said...

We´re watching the city fireworks and then we´ll just have a relaxed evening at home, eating some good food. The food is the best part of New years eve! :-)

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