Monday, December 27, 2010

It is really cold here but I really feel for all my feathered friends!

Yesterday while it was snowing John went out and filled the bird feeders in our courtyard. There was a steady stream of birds flying in and out. The poor little things were all puffed up so they could stay warm. I have to remember to put the suet out for them too. You can really see the colors of all the birds against the snow-they are just beautiful. Here are some birds I think look exceptional pretty against the snow:

This little bluebird's coloring is so vivid in the winter sunlight! I love these little birds all year round but against the snow they are just gorgeous!

The color of the cardinal as always is a show stopper but against the snow that crimson red just stands out and is enhanced. We have alot of cardinals in Charlotte, which I love! We had 5 male cardinals in a cedar tree the other day, right before Christmas. They looked like red bows all of nature's Christmas tree!

Blue Jays are really bossy and loud birds but I have to say they are just gorgeous against the snow. You can certainly see them from far away(and hear them too!).

This is a slate-colored junco. They are not a colorful bird, but these little birds are so cute! I watch them for hours hopping along the ground,going unnoticed. They are sweet little birds, they don't bother anyone and they aren't agressive at all.

I found this picture online of a fairy with birds. I love it! I like to think this fairy takes care of all the birds in this cold weather we are having!

Everyone have a great day and stay warm!!


Karen said...

These pictures are beautiful, Sherri. Did you take them? I like watching birds in the snow, too. They seem so cheerful and brave, against the cold. I like the idea of a fairy watching out for them:)

Donnie said...

They are really lovely against the white snow. The little cardinal looked like she had frost on her. They really need some extra feed with all this cold. Hope you guys stay safe and warm.

mysteryhistorymom said...

You know how much I love birds! They are such little sweeties! Good for you for putting out food for them. We need to fill our feeder, too. They are so fun to watch!:) Lori

Sherri said...

Karen, I can't take credit for any of those pictures. I got them online. I did take some cardinal pictures but it wasn't really light out so their color didn't pop like the ones online.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how my Mum would have LOVED the shot with the cardinals! That is simply stunning! When we were at an inn several years ago we watched the blue jays shoo away every other bird from the feeder.... they sure are bossy little things....but soooo pretty!

Happy New Year!


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