Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore

I just finished reading The Glassblower of Murano and really liked that. I was left wit the wonderful task of picking a new book to read. I loved reading about Venice and wanted to keep reading a book about another country so I chose The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore. I started to read and I think this is going to be another good one! I am a gardener and always have been so I was drawn to the cover of this book. There is a woman standing in a field with a very distant village ahead of her. The village is very blurry so you can see that she is quite far from it. Around her though are glorious flowers, lots of flowers! From what I can see in the slightly disorted picture the flowers are poppies, petunias, dahlias, lavender and roses. The woman on the cover is wearing a very bright orange colored dress with her back to us. Should be a very interesting book! I'll keep you informed. Everyone have a very beautiful day!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Sherri. It will be interesting to find out how you like this new book. The cover appeals to me too...being a gardener:)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

What a great cover and sounds good too. I think I am going to try the Glass Blower of Murano, you're the second person I know recently who liked it.

Donna said...

Loved this book!



Dar said...

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this book. I'm totally taken by the beautiful cover.

By the way your blog looks fantastic. I like the new background and your header is just beautiful! Is that a nook in your home?

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the review of The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore and found it to be interesting. Will buy my copy today.

Sherri said...

Dar, I wish I could say that was a nook in my home. I got the pic from the internet.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oooh, looks like a good book, can't wait to hear more about it.

Karen said...

Thanks for the book suggestion, Sherri. I put it on my amazon wish list. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it. It sounds like a really good story.

Kay said...

I finished reading Lost Symbol and am now reading Deception Point again by Dan Brown. I've been picking up paperback books at the library for 50 cents. :-)

Sherri, I love the look of your blog! It's absolutely beautiful!

Rhondi said...

Hi Sherri
I am reading The French Gardener right now also!

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