Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Decorating and the Weekend!

My weekend started a day earlier than normal. I took Friday off from work. I went and had my mammogram, then off to the Megan's house to have lunch with Jenny, Owen and Megan. We went to Osaka's. While Megan had sushi, Jenny and I had Habachi Chicken and I also had shrimp in mine. Then Jenny headed to work for a hour or so for a meeting and Megan, Owen and I headed over to my house to work on Halloween costumes. I got Megan's all done including the Queen of Hearts necklace she wanted-it turned out awesome (forgot to take a picture of it though)! Didn't get to work on Owen's due to lack of time, but I will be finishing up his costume today. Then Jenny came back and got Megan to take her home. John and I had Owen over night and what a good baby he was. We read to him, played with him, "talked" with him, etc. I put him down at 9:30 p.m. and he slept until 7:30 a.m. Sat. morning. He is such a sweetheart and a blessing!
Here is Owen trying to "talk" to us in his baby language!

After Jenny came and picked Owen up John and I headed out to get some McIntosh apples so I could make an apple crisp. We were breaking in the new firepit and we needed something to have with our tea really!

Went out to the mailbox and I was surprised my yarn I had ordered from a woman (her site is Zibeline Knits) on etsy had arrived! Just gorgeous as you can see:

John and I had gone to Home Depot when we got the apples. We bought 4 mums for the urns out front and a flowering Kale. I planted them as you will see in the next few pictures:

I love the way the sunlight was illuminating the porch-love the shadows!

This color is my favorite out of the purple, white, yellow and rust mums Home Depot had.

This flowering Kale goes perfectly in the wire basket my Mom gave me years ago!

I love the colors and veining of the Kale leaves. This photo has been untouched, these are the true colors.

I had to add a little Halloween in the front yard for Owen! Well maybe for myself-LOL!!

A piece of the mum broke off, so I got out the vase my Grandma gave me and the mum looks beautiful in it!

Then I decided it was time to decorate the house for Autumn! I love this time of year!! Here is what I did:

I got the entire mantel in the Family Room all decked out in Autumn!

This is a closeup of the left side of the mantel.

The middle.

The right side of the mantel.

Here is a little vignette on my white washed little cupboard.

I have a little stand in the front hall by the stairs so I decided it need to have some Autumn.

I have a blue cupboard in the Dining Room. I had a teapot with sugar and creamer that had little violets on them but it was time to switch it out for Fall.

So I put out my Francisan Apple coffeepot and sugar and creamer for the Autumn season. I love this set!! I have a teapot and dessert plates to match also!

Here is the other side of the blue cupboard decorations. I love how the Dining Room Chandelier reflected in the Campanelli print we have in there!

I have this candleholder and ghost in the butler pantry area.

Years ago Jenny had given me a huge glass bowl for Christmas. I decided to put my Autumn potpourri in here this year.

The girls used to love this little ghost with the three pumpkins hanging over it. They used to say it looked like the ghost was juggling the pumpkins!

I bought this little wooden wall hanging probably over 20 years ago. It is so cute!

I have a faux pumpkin that looks so real! Everyone that comes to the house always remarks how beautiful the pumpkin is they want to know which farmstand I bought it from! I love it next to the huge basket I hid the stereo speakers hidden in.

And lastly here is the firepit. I bought this firepit for John this year for his birthday and Father's Day. Of course June was too hot but we both knew the weather would change to cooler weather and boy did it! Last night it dipped down in the low 40's, high 30's!! It was so nice to sit outside sipping hot tea and eating apple crisp!

Today I'm taking a more less event filled day. I will be chilling out until around 1 when I'm meeting my knitting friends for a few hours. We will be chatting and knitting away!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

It looks like the perfect weekend Sherri!

vicki said...

Hi Sherri- there is so much to see here!! First-- Owen is precious! ( grandbabies always get top billing!!)

Your fall decorations are all so lovely- you have a beautiful home. The colors of fall are displayed beautifully. I also love that beautiful picture of your front door with the light shadows.

And-- saved the best for last --- the apple crisp looks fabulous!!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sherri- Fall has arrived in style at your house! I love your planters, your fire pit, your apple crisp and most of all sweet Owen.:) You are surrounded by love, dear friend- as you should be.:) Lori

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Sherri! Love all of your fall decorations outside & in! Don't you just love that money plant mixed in with your fall?!! We always keep that one in our pots as well :) Have a super day!

jenclair said...

What fun! The decorations, the apple crisp, and The Baby!

Happy@Home said...

Your fall decor looks so nice ~ inside and out. Your firepit looks like a great place to hang out at this time of year and the apple crisp is making my mouth water.
Little Owen is just adorable and how nice that he is sleeping through the night.

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