Thursday, March 10, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers....

My Grandma always used to say, "April Showers bring May Flowers", well it is only March here and we have been having rain showers (storms) like crazy here!!

Maybe that means we will have May a month earlier!! Wouldn't that be nice! I'm looking forward to the wisteria, peonies and all the other flowers blooming away here! My tree peony has one huge bud on it right now and I'm sure others will follow! I am thinking of adding a white bleeding heart plant to my container garden. They look so beautiful with all the little white "hearts" hanging off their green stem!

But the Pink Bleeding Hearts are gorgeous too!

I can't wait until I can open the windows and screened door to let the sounds of the birds come back into our life! I miss the butterflies flitting around my plants too!

Oh well all that will be happening soon enough! I just have to be patient a little while longer. So rain keep coming down and waking up the Earth!! Everyone have a great day!


Florence and Mary said...

My mum always says about April showers too!

Hope the rain goes away soon,

Victoria xx

tinajo said...

Beautiful flowers!

It rained here yesterday for the first time winter began - and at once I could feel the smell of spring in the air even though the snow still remains. Gave me hope! :-)

Anonymous said...

It has rained here for the second time this week and my grass and plants are loving it. I am not kidding, overnight my butterfly bushes went from twigs to branches with green tiny leaves. You were so right! They do come back! :)

Angie @ Linen + Verbena

Mary said...

Sherri, I hope the beauty of your flowers match the amount of rain you've been getting :-)

Donnie said...

Don Jr had his Triumph Spitfire painted and after it being in the shop for 4 weeks he was supposed to pick it up today. You both are sharing the same rain so he can't go get it. Bummer for you both. It's raining really hard down here in Florida too but we really need it.

Kathy said...

All the birds are here! I think it is the tree and the wooded lot across the way! The lawn is covered in Robins - they're so amusing! Love the bleeding hearts! Mine didn't make it - I had one that I transplanted when we moved - I need to replace it -
We had quite the storm yesterday and should again today - made me feel like I should nap!
Hope you have a marvelous day,

Donna said...

It's raining cats and dogs here, Sherri! I too, am looking forward to warm sunny weather!


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Those photos are fantastic! What a way to capture Spring!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Beautiful photos! We have had two days of rain and it is just starting to clear up here at 11AM....

Brenda Leyland said...

What beauty to look forward to..... We're still piled under the deep of winter, but the song of the chickadee has shifted, which means there is HOPE!

In the meantime, what a treat to visit your site today!

Kay said...

The anticipation of spring was always such a high for me and I miss that here in Hawaii. I love pink bleeding hearts. I used to have one in my Illinois garden. I don't think I've ever seen a white one but they look very distinctive.

Darlene said...

LOL - it's snowing here again. Even if it ever stops, I doubt it'll ever melt.

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