Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Pitchers and Flowers = Beauty

I have always loved white ironstone pitchers and flowers, so putting them together just equal beauty in my eyes!! My Mom has a large white ironstone pitcher that she used to serve iced tea in. She stopped using it for that purpose when she realized the tea started staining the pitcher. She put some flowers in it and put it in the dining room. I have always loved that pitcher! I went online and found lots of beautiful flowers in ironstone pitchers and I thought I would share all this loveliness with you!

Yellow tulips always look so vibrant in a white pitcher!

I have ever picked wildflowers like this and put them in a pitcher for a country look. I love the glass cloche with the teacups too! What a great vignette!

I love the addition of the white starfish with this pitcher of white roses. I also really love that green and white tablecloth too!

This white pitcher is gorgeous! I love the relief detail on it. The pink roses are gorgeous and I love that it is displayed on an antique white chair!

I think the person that arranged this used a soup tureen for a vase for those lovely flowers and put it with a white pitcher of flowers and I see part of a lovely white platter. This would look wonderful on a mantel or side board.

Heliotrope is one of my favorite flowers! The scent from this flower is just like nothing else I have ever smelled-I love it!! When they start blooming you are going to see me arranging them with some peachy colored roses in a pitcher for sure! I love the relief work on this pitcher too!

What a wonderful combination of dark purple and white! Tulips are perfect for this time of year. I could see this on my Easter table!

Peonies just say spring in my book! I love this combo!

Lilacs are another lovely Spring flower! That is one thing I really miss living in the South that we had in the North-lilacs! The smell of them is intoxicating! My grandmother had 2 huge lilac bushes-one white and one purple at her house. She would always cut them and bring them in the house and arrange them in white and green pitchers and vases all around her house.

These blush pink roses look gorgeous in this pitcher. I can just picture this in my bedroom. Wouldn't that be lovely to wake up to!

I can never get tired of using lavendar in arrangement or by themselves, both dried and fresh. This picture shows a simple combination of glass,white, lavendar,linen and a lovely mirror-just beautiful!

Well I know it was alot to take in but go find your lovely white pitchers and fill them with flowers! We all could use a bit of Spring in our homes right now! Enjoy!


Mary said...

It's -6 at my house right now so you can imagine how much I'm enjoying looking at the lovely flower pics!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my are these some gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing.

jenclair said...

I love them all! If they were in my house, they would evoke a smile each time I glanced at them!

Donnie said...

I love this collection of images. So bright and cheery on a rainy, gray Florida morning.

Florence and Mary said...

Flowers in pitchers always look so much more inviting to me than in vases!

Victoria xx

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sherri these pictures are so beautiful! I love ironstone pitchers....

You can grow lilacs here in NC! I did at my other house and this summer bought a lilac plant from a local nursery and planted it here at this house. Go check out your local nursery, I bet they will have some this spring. Usually Lowes and Home Depot don't cary them.


Kathy said...

Oh my! Those are gorgeous - I believe you can't have too many - there are so many interesting shapes and sizes out there! Lovely, lovely photos!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Gorgeous! What a breath of spring...and to think it will be here in a few months :) yea! Love all of these delicious looking pictures - also enjoyed the story about your mom not using the pitcher anymore because the tea was staining it - cute!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

So many beautiful pics...I'm a big fan of white ironstone too!


Mary said...

I love old white ironstone - especially pitchers - and have a few mixed with blue Ball jars in my kitchen.
These photos are lovely!

Thanks for commenting on my new kitchen chandelier - I'm loving it so much!

Have a great weekend Sherri - looks like warmer, sunny days are coming, yippee!

Kay said...

These are all so gorgeous! It's making me want to go out and get a white pitcher right away. Sigh... such loveliness.

Project Pinup said...

Wow! Love the white pitchers! Would also look cute in black pitcher with white roses!

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