Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is Halloween and my Dad's 74th Birthday!

Today is Halloween and it is also my Dad's 74th Birthday! Last weekend when we were up to NJ we celebrated Dad's birthday. He never has liked parties or a big fuss made over birthdays but he did let us have a cake for him and we gave him presents. When we were little kids my sisters and I thought he was an old ghost because he was born on Halloween. Then as we got older we thought maybe he was the Great Pumpkin. As the years went on we realized that his biggest role was our Dad! Here is a picture of my Dad on his tractor-this is one of the biggest smiles I've seem him give:

My Dad loves his antique tractors, his steer he raises, his farm and life. Dad has Lupus (which is in remission right now) but he keeps on working on his farm, taking care of his rental properties and visiting with his friends and family. We've almost lost my Dad twice over the last 6 yrs. due to his Lupus but he is a fighter and has kept going strong. I can't say my father has been a very loving father, he is a tough man. We were brought up very strictly and yet we know in his way he loves us. Lately though I have noticed he has really mellowed out and is much more caring and sensitive to our feelings. Even though there were some really hard years with my Dad, I'm glad we all stuck in there and he is still with us today! Hope you have many more Dad!! Love you!!

Happy Birthday Dad!! Happy Halloween to all of you!!


Donnie said...

What a lovely post on your father's 74th birthday. My father passed just before I was born but my mother was very strict with the 3 of us. She said that was how her mom treated her. Taking care of all our needs she was so spent she couldn't pay attention to our feelings. I understand it now but I took it as not caring then. I'm glad he is around to help you both understand each other.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Happy birthday to your Dad. Love the picture of him on the tractor. Glad you have a good relationship with your Dad today, despite some problems in the past. Hope you had a nice weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Kay said...

Happy birthday to your young dad! He looks like a real in shape, cheerful guy. I so glad you had a great time together.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

A lovely post, happy belated birthday to your Father. My Father passed away on my birthday ( today) last year. Today I remember him and celebrate his life and my birth. Hugs
P.S. thank you for the b-day wishes :-)

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Victoria xx

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