Monday, October 20, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover in Progress!

John and I have been married for 35 years and we have finally decided we needed a King sized mattress!  We went to Ashley Furniture, where our daughter, Megan works and we bought one.  It was delivered on Saturday and it is wonderful!!  The Queen sized bed we moved into the front guest room.  So now when we have guests we have two Queen sized beds to offer everyone.  Now I have to decide if we want to have a headboard, footboard, etc. anymore.  I am liking the no footboard bed, but the comforter falls to the floor in the night if you fold it down.  I would like a head board but now I have to decide if I want a wood one or a material covered one.  Decisions, decisions!  I am leaning towards a material one, but now I'm thinking I only want one that come just above the pillows, so a wood one would work for that.  I have talked to Jenny about she or Kevin painting me an abstract painting in an oblong for over the bed.  I'm thinking sand, sea and sky abstract.  I've seen them done before and I love them.  John likes them too!  Here is the bedroom the way it is now:

Now I don't like the brown stained nightstands anymore either!  They are in perfect condition so I think I am going to rehab them!  This coming weekend I am going to work on them.  Here is a closeup of the nightstand:
So I have decided to cut off the "wing" on the top of the nightstand to make it flat.  I will fill that with wood putty and then sand the entire piece.  I am also going to remove the middle and bottom draw.  I have seen on pinterest that they take those drawers out and the hardware also.  Then they put a basket in there, just makes it look a little more airy.  I am going to replace the knobs of the remaining drawer also.  Then after it is sanded I am going to paint it white (semi-gloss).  I think it will brighten up the room!  I'll let you know how that turns out.  Eventually I am going to remove our dressers and make a sitting area with the TV.  I have to organize the closet with shelving, etc. to do that.  So when you are looking across the room from the bed you would see the TV and a small sitting area.  I think it will look great and I can't wait to get started!!  Pictures to follow after the weekend nightstand redo.